How to Build Custom Sales Compensation Dashboards

August 19, 2021
August 24, 2021

For most teams today, running and administering the incentive compensation program for their organization can be very time consuming, error-prone, and an ongoing cause for cross-functional friction. We’re talking about a lot of money exchanging hands here. Of course it’s going to be a sensitive topic. One miscalculation could be the difference between going out to celebrate with friends for closing that massive deal or staying in eating instant ramen because the commission check was wrong. Again.

The sensitive and critical nature of calculating employee commissions correctly is what led to the genesis of CaptivateIQ. We knew from the beginning that if we could help more businesses manage this complex problem with greater ease, automation, and intelligence, everybody would win. 

Sales reps would have greater trust that they are being rewarded accurately for their efforts. 

I love that I can see my compensation calculations up front, and with a relatively easy to read breakdown available so I can compare my shadow accounting with what's being reported. Also, it's very easy to escalate/audit concerns to the ops team and have a conversation about what's missing.

Darren S, Account Executive review on G2

Commission teams would get weeks of time back in their day-to-day to focus on bigger initiatives. 

Commissions calculations now happen in seconds. We went from spending a few days calculating and sending statements to reps to spending just a few hours on this.

Jeff M, Head of Finance at Harness

Leadership & sales managers would have better visibility and insights into quota attainment across their various incentive plans.

The best thing about CaptivateIQ is the amount of time it has saved me when calculating commissions. It also has the flexibility for us to report data being used in our calculations thus allowing transparency and confidence in what our sales reps are being paid.

Laura H, Analytics Manager on G2

A new dashboard experience to power a richer sales compensation strategy and dynamic data insights

Today, we are excited to equip teams with even greater insights into their sales compensation performance. Our new Dashboards experience gives Commission Admins an easy and powerful way to create custom data visualizations using their compensation data directly in CaptivateIQ.

If you can visualize a better commission dashboard, you can build it

Say goodbye to downloading multiple reports from different sources, pasting the data into a spreadsheet, and then building tons of charts and pivot tables just to begin understanding what’s going on. With CaptivateIQ Dashboards, since all of your commissions data is already connected to our platform, you can unify any data set from any commission plan to build custom dashboards and visualizations. 

Bring disparate data sources under one roof to build a unified dashboard

If you have a data set that you just want to create a different view for reporting needs (i.e. you need to sum total attainment by rep but don’t need/want to change the source data), you can massage the unified dataset in this new worksheet by applying calculations without altering the raw data.

Types of visualizations

Some people like a clean number. Some people prefer charts. Others like tables. That’s why we have all of these options (and more) available to help you create that perfect reporting view for your intended audience. 

Highlight key metrics to focus on

Need to aggregate total commission payout from last month? Use summary cards to quickly show leadership what they’re looking for. 

Showcase your data that suits your audience 

Want to show a time series of rep attainment over the last quarter? Or a breakdown of sales revenue by compensation plan by territory? Select from any of these types of common charts to lay out your data in a clear and easy to understand way.

  • Line
  • Bar
  • Combo (Line + Bar)
  • Area
  • Row
  • Waterfall
  • Scatter
  • Pie
  • Funnel
  • Trend

Double click into any dashboard to see the underlying source of truth

We know that dashboards are a good way to tell us “here’s what happened” but may not necessarily tell us “why did this happen?”. That’s why we’ve also included the ability to apply filters so you can slice and dice the data any way you see fit to see what’s really going on. 
If you have a lot of teams spread across the globe, you can create a global dashboard and then apply geographical filters to understand each market’s performance without having to create multiple reports. 

A global view of sales performance
A filtered view for a specific region

But what if applying a filter isn’t enough? What if you want to see the underlying data to know where this number is coming from? Double click on any data point and you’ll be taken to the raw data table that the visualization is pulling from so you can better understand what you’re seeing. 

Quickly access the source of truth by double clicking on any data point

You can even export this data into a spreadsheet if you really want to apply your Excel Ninja skills further. 

Turn your compensation program from an administrative task to a strategic advantage

Sales commissions make up one of the largest line items on a company’s P&L. Yet so many companies are managing this complex process using outdated software or manually in spreadsheets. No wonder commission teams are spending weeks each month administering payouts instead of improving their compensation strategy. 

With so much time spent administering commissions, few teams have the time to look under the hood to ask themselves “are we incentivizing our reps correctly?” To answer that question, Commission Admins need to spend even more time downloading different reports, running more calculations, and sharing data to leadership to prove their point. And who’s got time for that?

CaptivateIQ’s goal is to automate as much of the commissions process as possible so that RevOps, Finance, Accounting, and Sales Leaders can have more time to process what’s really important. Our new Dashboards experience is another powerful addition to that mission.