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We MODERNIZE commissions for LEADING companies

Run commissions in minutes, not days

Automate the manual work

Connect all your data sources under one roof to power real-time calculations, every time.

Automate the manual work

Connect all of your data sources under one roof for fast and reliable calculations.

Design the right incentives to grow

Build, preview, and launch any commission plan to get the most out of every team.

Empower people with transparency

Share customized reports that are easy to understand so everyone is aligned and motivated.

Trusted by the world's leading companies

"CaptivateIQ was so simple to pick up, because it involves no coding and its functionality is very similar to how Excel or Google Sheets work."

Giovanni Torres

Revenue Operations Manager, Udemy

Hours saved each month.

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"CaptivateIQ is in a new class of vendor. They are truly there for us all the time."

Matt Stryker

Director of Business Operations

Faster to create commission plans

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"With CaptivateIQ, I can send every one of my comp plans out, all in one hit, and all in a matter of minutes."

Albert Wong

Business Operations Manager

Faster to calculate monthly commissions

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"I’ve worked with a lot of software tools in my career, but I’ve never seen the level of support I get from CaptivateIQ."

Sarah Drugan

Sales Operations Manager, Yello

Hours saved each month.

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