Data Integrations

Real-time data sync for real-time visibility.

Connect your various data sources directly with our system to run fast, accurate calculations every time.

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Never download another report

Automatically sync your commission data to power reliable commission reports in real-time across every team. Save days each month collecting and cleaning data by integrating your data source directly into our commission system.

Reduce errors and pay disputes

Run monthly commission calculations using the same data source every time to provide accurate and reliable commission statements. There’s no need to manually re-enter data or make updates anymore.

Collect any data field you need

Seamlessly pull in any data necessary to set up and process your commission calculations. Transform the imported data to create new custom values right on our platform without altering the raw data.

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Connect any data source

For other data sources, we can connect your information using our own managed server to securely send your data back to our system. Reduce administrative work by ensuring your data is accurate and up to date automatically.

Your data at your fingertips

Connect your data in minutes to start building any commission plan.
Select and import the metrics you need directly into our platform.
Set up real-time sync or customize a schedule to fetch your data.

Security and protection come standard

Our SOC 2 Type 2 certification ensures that all of your sensitive employee and sales data will remain private and confidential. We are committed to providing the highest quality solutions and the most secure environment.


alison o.
Revenue Accountant

"CaptivateIQ allows us to eliminate manual calculations of commissions. We are able to process commissions faster and more accurately."

john f.
Head of Sales Ops

"CaptivateIQ is very flexible and easy to use. I was able to use the platform quickly and now I'm very comfortable with it including implementing new plans."

katie d.
Senior Accountant
The Reserves Network

"CaptivateIQ has been easy to maintain and does a phenomenal job of processing sales comp for our team."

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