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Transform your largest go-to-market expense into a business driver. CaptivateIQ empowers you to run commissions with confidence.

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    90% decrease in monthly processing time
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    6x faster to create new plans
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    10% improvement in rep productivity
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CaptivateIQ makes commissions
10x better

Automate Commissions

Automate tedious tasks

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    Save time and improve accuracy:
    Experience the ease of building plans with the familiarity of a spreadsheet, without the risk of human error.
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    Scale sales commission management:
    Process more commission payouts faster with our proprietary SmartGrid™ ELT and calculation engine.
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Motivate Reps

Manage commissions — no
technical expertise required

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    Get up and running quickly:
    Launch in as little as two weeks to three months, without breaking the bank.
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    Create reports and model plan changes in a few clicks:
    CaptivateIQ’s no-code platform offers unbeatable flexibility and scalability for all your commissions needs.
Build a Plan
Captivate with Insights

Improve transparency to boost performance and revenue

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    Keep reps focused on selling:
    Deliver historical and upcoming earnings data so reps don’t have to spend time questioning commissions.
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    Provide visibility into potential earnings:
    Motivate reps with an interactive what-if calculator and our AI-powered Payee coach.
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Sync your data from anywhere, in any format

CaptivateIQ is the only sales commission software that can centralize and enrich data into one powerful platform — a single source of truth that’s ready for analysis.

Connect effortlessly to your CRM, ERP, HRIS, data warehouses, and more.

Hear from customers modernizing their commission program

Based on 150 ratings submitted in the Sales Performance Management market as of September 2023.

I see CaptivateIQ scaling with our plans because the functionality within the system allows us to grow as the company grows. [CaptivateIQ] was much more flexible than any other commission system… we’ve put our full confidence behind CaptivateIQ.
Zain M.
Lead Sales Compensation System Administrator
I wanted a solution that could scale with our org. One that would allow us to make the changes without professional services. The solution also needs to be easy for end-users to leverage and see transparency in their commission calculations.
Michael D.
Director of Revenue Operations
For finance and revops folks, the CaptivateIQ spreadsheet-like interface and formulas experience relies on a much more familiar skill set than a black box coded solution. This inevitably lowers our TCO, because I can manage changes myself, instead of relying on engineers.
Marcello H.
Head of Finance
This additional time frees up space for analysis to see how our sales teams are being commissioned, if they’re being commissioned the right way, bringing the right revenue… I can ensure that our plans are really designed to be aligned with our company goals.
Alex W.
Financial Analyst
Automating our commissions process has saved us money [and] drastically reduces the amount of revenue loss due to errors. It takes a day to calculate and another day to check for errors.
Matthew G.
Senior Director of Finance
CaptivateIQ has freed up my time… I’m now able to make more informed decisions around commission payouts and manage spend better.
Katerina G.
Head of Incentives and Controls

Make commissions 10x better with CaptivateIQ

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