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From automated and reliable data management to unparalleled ease of use and flexibility in comp plan calculations and efficient workflows, CaptivateIQ saves time and streamlines compensation management from start to finish.

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data management

CaptivateIQ takes the pain out of data management, leaving you with a commission-ready data set powering your calculations in real-time, all the time.

Robust integrations

Access your commission data in real-time, no matter where it resides. With native connectors and APIs, CaptivateIQ connects effortlessly to your CRM, ERP, HRIS, data warehouses, and more. Once the data is inside our system, our storage and data models are optimized for scale.

Powerful data management

With CaptivateIQ, there’s no need to pre-process your data. Bring in large volumes of data, perform cleanup, make adjustments, and combine disparate data sets all in a non-technical, no-code user interface.

Single source of truth

Maintain one central location for storing and managing employee and plan attribute data like quotas, rates, and more. Data validation and effective dating simplify the ongoing management of your plan inputs and ease the burden of making changes.

Stay ahead of change

CaptivateIQ’s dynamic and easy-to-use platform makes it quick to adapt your comp plans to keep up with the pace of change in your business.

No-code plan logic

Make changes confidently with our familiar spreadsheet-like interface that sits on top of our powerful modern cloud infrastructure, SmartGrid™. Get the perfect balance of flexibility, ease of use, and scalability.

Design any plan

Set up any incentive compensation plan without the constraints of rigid templates. Build the plans that work best for your business with our logic-based modeling platform.

Cutting-edge performance for real-time calculations

Our SmartGrid™ calculation engine processes millions of computations in real-time, so you and your reps have the most up-to-date commission calculations for quick audit-ability, analysis, and transparency.

Safely model plan changes

Test your plan and process changes with confidence using CaptivateIQ's sandbox and cloning functionality.

Seamless workflow automation

Cut through the chaos of day-to-day administration with streamlined workflows in CaptivateIQ.

Automated approvals

Keep things moving forward and get payouts processed on time with multi-level approvals and automated notifications.

Fast dispute resolution

Build trust and avoid painful back-and-forth with in-app dispute resolution. Maintain a centralized and robust audit trail of all changes.

Efficient document management

Automate the tedious process of creating, sharing, and tracking the execution of compensation plan documents. Reduce risk, payment errors and comp disputes.

Payee lifecycle management

Reduce manual overhead and mitigate risk by automating sales roster management when reps join, leave, or move within the organization.

Comply with confidence

CaptivateIQ reduces the burden of compliance with tools that you can trust.

Automated reports for ASC 340/606 and IFRS 15

Keeping up with accounting principles can become a full-time job. Luckily our team worked closely with accounting experts to build a platform that allows you to model complex amortization schedules and waterfall calculations to save time and headaches.

Audit logs

Stay ahead of compliance requirements with exportable audit logs that track every action taken within CaptivateIQ in detail.

Access controls

Role-based access controls give you the ability to ensure that only the right people have access to the right parts of the platform, providing you with confidence that your commission calculations are secure.

Features & Functionality

Data Import

CSV upload

Comp Calculations

Attribute inheritance
Effective dating
Direct and indirect crediting
Incentive comp
Currency conversion

Workflow Management

Admin co-pilot
Dispute resolution
Payout processing automation
Comp letters
Automated user provisioning

Data Management

Joins and unions


ASC 606/340
Commission amortization
Waterfall schedules
Journal entries
Detailed audit logs
Audit log exports
SOX compliance
Access controls