The easiest way to calculate and pay sales commissions.

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Commissions are an invaluable tool to align sales employees with your company’s goals.

And handling them in spreadsheets is hard. You should not have to suffer trying to manage sales commissions.

We make processing commissions easy again.

We built CaptivateIQ so you can be as excited about running commissions as much as you love empowering the people around you.

We're focused on bringing simplicity back into software by using data from your CRM, ERP, and other data sources, automatically calculating payouts and creating beautiful and informative statements for your teams. We do this all with an intuitive workflow that simply makes sense and requires no training.

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Our statements are simple and powerful.

CaptivateIQ allows you to create clear and transparent commission statements.

Through our simple and informative commissions statements, your teams can now better understand what they need to focus on next.

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Say NO to long and costly implementations.

We “strongly dislike” onboarding and implementation processes and you probably do too.

CaptivateIQ has created a new way to get your information and commission plans into the system using a visual drag-and-drop of commission expressions to design commission plans. Say “goodbye!” to expensive consultants and leaving your software’s functionality at the whim of someone else.

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