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A smarter way to run sales commissions

Manage and track your team’s sales commissions with greater accuracy, speed, and transparency.

Teams automating their sales compensation

Create a better commission experience for

sales ops

Get payouts right the first time, every time

Connect siloed data sources to build a single source of truth for commission admins, management, and reps.

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Turn manual complexity into powerful simplicity

Set up any commission plan using our logic-based data modeling platform and automate payouts in seconds.

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Transform your commission tracking into a business driver

Share clear and actionable data points to shift selling behavior and keep teams motivated.

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We're captivating the market


Faster to calculate monthly commissions


Payout accuracy

"Back then, I was literally going through every person, one at a time. With CaptivateIQ, I can send every one of my comp plans out, all in one hit, and all in a matter of minutes."

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Albert W.
Business Operations Manager


Reduction in rep inquiries


Fully implemented in 55 days.

“We saw a reduction of about 30% in the inquiries that came in, in terms of validating data and making sure that commission statements were correct.”

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Zain M.
Sales Operations Administrator

20 hours

saved each month

1 month

to get up and running

“Commissions calculations now happen in seconds. We went from spending a few days calculating and sending statements to reps to spending just a few hours on this.”

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Jeff M.
Head of Strategic Finance

60 hours

saved each month

1 month

to get up and running

“The downstream effects were significant. We were spending so much time on administrative tasks that we couldn’t focus on the real business problems that we wanted to be solving.”

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Brian D.
Senior Sales Finance Manager

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We’re on a mission to bring transparency and joy to commissions management. Getting paid should be fun and that work should be a breeze for administrators managing this complex problem.

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