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Automate sales commissions for better alignment and productivity

Hard work should be rewarded with more efficient, accurate, and transparent payouts.


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Automate commissions for every team in just a few steps

Sync your data

Connect to any data source and pull in data automatically in any format with our powerful integrations and transformations functionality.

Design any comp plan

Build any unique commission plan in a familiar spreadsheet interface, while being able to make and see changes in real-time.

Grow with insights

Give your teams and leadership better visibility into performance with real-time dashboards and reports so everyone is aligned on performance.

Ease Commission Collaboration

Move fast and stay aligned across teams through seamless inquiry, approval, and payout workflows.

Security & Compliance

Our pentest assessment and SOC 2 Type 2 certification meet the highest standards to ensure data protection and privacy.

Trusted by industry leaders and innovators

A true partnership from day 1

Our onboarding and customer success team all come from years of commissions and accounting expertise so you’ll be in good hands from day one. We coach you to be independent but we’ll continue to be there when you need us.


Jeff M.
Head of Strategic Finance

“Commissions calculations now happen in seconds. We went from spending a few days calculating and sending statements to reps to spending just a few hours on this.”

Michael D.
Senior Manager of Revenue Operations

“Through its flexibility, transparency and automation, CaptivateIQ has become an essential partner in scaling revenue operations for our fast-growing sales organization.”

Daniel K.
Finance Manager

“When we looked at the other vendors, their products felt antiquated and CaptivateIQ stood out as the clear modern solution.”

headshot of Brian
Brian D.
Senior Sales Finance Manager

“The downstream effects were significant. We were spending so much time on administrative tasks that we couldn’t focus on the real business problems that we wanted to be solving.”