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CaptivateIQ is a scalable, flexible solution that lets businesses model, automate, and optimize performance incentives.

Our mission

We believe that getting paid should be fun and that work should be a breeze for compensation plan administrators.

That’s why we’ve created a scalable, flexible solution that enables finance and operations teams to model, automate, and optimize performance incentives.

How CaptivateIQ Works

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A better way to manage commissions

Calculating commissions is mission-critical. And it’s really, really hard.

Each company has a unique commission structure that involves far more calculations and data than a typical salary payroll — and for many, commission is one of the largest expenses on the P&L statement.

While we love the familiarity of using homegrown solutions like spreadsheets to calculate commissions, we believe the end-to-end commissions process is fundamentally broken. There are just too many error-prone tasks and too much data living in silos. There has to be a better way to manage performance-based compensation — that's why we created CaptivateIQ.

Organizations now have access to more data than ever, giving them room to incentivize employees on more performance metrics.

The move to remote-first work, where sales dynamics have shifted and the team atmosphere is geographically distributed, makes it even more critical to have the right incentives in place as companies require new ways to motivate teams.

Our hope is that people will feel more connected at work if there is greater transparency in how they are rewarded for their efforts.

Our goal is to have all commissions live in CaptivateIQ — thereby providing a delightful experience and giving back over 90% of valuable time processing commissions to dedicate to more strategic activities. We're excited to continue on this trajectory and are grateful for all of the 35,000+ commissionable employees that are in this together with our team.

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