Empowering revenue teams with the modern engine for commission management

With CaptivateIQ, businesses can better adapt commission plans, workflows, and outcomes to changing business needs.

Our mission

We believe that getting paid should be fun and that work should be a breeze for compensation plan administrators.

That’s why we’ve created a robust, flexible commission management platform that enables sales, finance, and operations teams to sync their data, design any plan, and build workflows that work best for their organization.

How CaptivateIQ Works

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Our story

Calculating commissions is mission-critical. And it’s really, really hard. Each company has a unique commission structure that involves far more calculations and data than a typical salary payroll — and for many, commission is one of the largest expenses on the P&L statement.

When CaptivateIQ was founded in 2017, compensation leaders were tracking and managing sales data using costly legacy software or, in the worst cases, a single spreadsheet. There were no other options but to use opaque, error-prone processes to manage commissions. Our founders knew this could be better.
So they created the solution that they’d want to use: CaptivateIQ.

Our hope is to empower everyone involved in the commission process. Our goal is to have all commissions live in CaptivateIQ — thereby providing revenue-focused teams with the data and insights they need to make informed decisions and develop winning strategies.

We’ve come a long way since our early days, but we’re focused on many more fulfilling years to come.

Meet our team

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