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Rep Experience

Unlock performance with commissions transparency

CaptivateIQ’s Rep Experience gives sales teams complete visibility into earnings, so they can focus on driving results.

As one of the largest GTM expenses, incentive compensation is a powerful lever businesses have at their disposal.

Yet nearly 40% of sales people say they receive limited or unclear commission statements.


CaptivateIQ’s Rep Experience gives sales reps enhanced visibility into past, present, and future earnings so they can focus on where they want to grow next.


Clear and comprehensive reporting for ultimate transparency

Homepage Dashboard

Give your reps a jumping-off point into their commissions with an engaging dashboard that surfaces the insights they care about most.

Pay Statements

Our automated, customizable, and engaging pay statements give reps peace of mind that their pay is accurate, and offer more clarity into commissions with visualizations and data tables.

Plan Documents

Commission plans aren’t always straightforward for reps. With CaptivateIQ, reps can easily access, read, and download their plan agreements to feel clear and confident in what to expect.

Performance insights that motivate

Preview Statements

Commissions shouldn’t be a mystery until the end of a pay period. CaptivateIQ’s Preview Statements empower reps to see how they’re tracking in real time, so they can stay informed and prioritize the right activities.

What-if Earnings Calculator

Sales reps agree having visibility into potential earnings significantly increases motivation, yet less than 30% of companies offer this today. Our What-if Earnings Calculator gives reps an interactive way to test scenarios and forecast earnings, so they can self-motivate, prioritize activities, and financially plan.

Custom Dashboards

Knowledge is power when it comes to performance. Equip your sales team with even greater insight into their performance with fully customizable dashboards for leaderboards, top performers,
and more.

Simplify collaboration to increase productivity

Robust Approval Flow

Commission approval processes are complex. With CaptivateIQ, you can set up automated, multi-level approvals that get emailed directly from our system, helping to ensure reps get paid accurately and on time.

Inquiries for Dispute Resolution

The majority of sales managers (72%) field compensation questions from reps during most pay periods. Get those questions answered in context through centralized records with our Inquiries capability. Ease the dispute resolution process and refocus everyone on what drives business results.

Sales teams are captivated by us

Gregg R.
District Sales Representative

I can see exactly what happened in my territory and how much commission I got paid on each deal. The easiest commission statement to interpret in my 20 years in sales.

Kora G.
Account Executive

I like the ability to see what kickers impact my commission rate very legibly because it allows me to have productive, clarifying conversations with my Sales Ops team when needed and it hurts a little more to see the kickers.

Kelly D.
Client Services Manager

CaptivateIQ is great for viewing my monthly commission. It makes it easy to see how it was calculated, the exchange rate, total amount, and downloadable report of the breakdown. I also enjoy the confetti that makes it feel as CaptivateIQ is celebrating with me each month!

Jay W.
Enterprise Sales

Managing commissions is a pain, and it takes time away from other more important tasks. This helped me stop wasting time building my own spreadsheets to track everything.

Lucia B.
Strategic Account Manager

I love that it's clear to understand and doesn't confuse me when I look at the commissions for the month. It's great to have a graph view as well as a list of the different opportunities but also insights on the quota attainment and quarterly bonus.

Jared B.
Enterprise Customer Success

I love the fact that this tool has helped our team get paid out much faster and has also given me much more insight into how much I am going to be getting paid. I no longer have to keep track of my commissions in a spreadsheet.

Ready to unlock performance with commissions transparency?

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