One commission dashboard for all of your reporting

Share customized dashboards and rep statements that everyone can understand to move the business forward.

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Empower sales reps to be more productive

If your reps are tracking their own commissions, they’re wasting valuable time that they could spend closing deals. Share real-time analytics with your team using dashboards and email statements so reps have full visibility on their performance.

Uncover faster insights with customized dashboards

Create data visualizations across any part of your compensation data to identify trends by team, region, commission plan, and any other angle.

Slice and dice sales data any way you like

Save time creating multiple reports by applying filters to segment your dashboard on the fly and quickly drill into the data.

Look under the hood with just a couple of clicks

Double click on any data point to see the raw data table that the visualization is pulling from so you can better understand what’s going on.

Get ASC 340/606 and IFRS15 ready

Keeping up with accounting principles can become a full-time job. Luckily our team of accountants built a platform that can handle amortization schedules and waterfalls automatically to save you time and headache.

Sales teams are captivated by our reporting software

Gregg R.
District Sales Representative

I can see exactly what happened in my territory and how much commission I got paid on each deal. The easiest commission statement to interpret in my 20 years in sales.

Kora G.
Account Executive

I like the ability to see what kickers impact my commission rate very legibly because it allows me to have productive, clarifying conversations with my Sales Ops team when needed and it hurts a little more to see the kickers.

Kelly D.
Client Services Manager

CaptivateIQ is great for viewing my monthly commission. It makes it easy to see how it was calculated, the exchange rate, total amount, and downloadable report of the breakdown. I also enjoy the confetti that makes it feel as CaptivateIQ is celebrating with me each month!

Jay W.
Enterprise Sales

Managing commissions is a pain, and it takes time away from other more important tasks. This helped me stop wasting time building my own spreadsheets to track everything.

Lucia B.
Strategic Account Manager

I love that it's clear to understand and doesn't confuse me when I look at the commissions for the month. It's great to have a graph view as well as a list of the different opportunities but also insights on the quota attainment and quarterly bonus.

Jared B.
Enterprise Customer Success

I love the fact that this tool has helped our team get paid out much faster and has also given me much more insight into how much I am going to be getting paid. I no longer have to keep track of my commissions in a spreadsheet.

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