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Approve commissions in a couple of clicks

Explore our collaboration functionality to see how you can alleviate the tedious commissions back and forth.

We modernize commissions for leading companies

Manage commission contracts from one place

Create and send new employee-specific compensation plans when teams grow or as the business evolves with ease, flexibility, and freedom. Putting the right incentives in place will only work if everybody is aligned from the beginning. With Plan Management, we help streamline that entire process.

Send plan refreshes with ease by pulling in employee and plan data from CaptivateIQ.

Track signature progress to see who has signed and who needs a friendly reminder.

Export signed agreements to keep a record of important documents.

Customize multiple agreements at once and send to one or more signers for faster approvals.

Send confidential information securely with our free DocuSign integration and license.

Get commission payouts right the first time, every time

Put an end to the tedious approval cycle each time you process a payout and save hours each month. With our Approvals workflow, reps and managers can ensure every payout is correct before it’s distributed so that everybody wins.

Select multiple rep payouts that require an approval from reps.

Select deadlines for when approvals need to be signed.

Trace every step in our audit log to meet compliance standards.

Include up to two management approvers for greater accountability.

Set up email notifications to ensure things are moving along.

Centralize payout data and every approval so you can close out pay cycles audit-proof.

Resolve pay disputes with speed and ease

Paying people fairly for their hard work is a no-brainer which is why we’ve made it incredibly easy to troubleshoot any pay inquiries that happen. Manage communications inside CaptivateIQ alongside your commission data for faster resolutions that everybody will appreciate.

Reps can submit inquiries with attachments to call out any discrepancies in their commission.

Commission Admins can receive email and in-app notifications to look into the inquiry.

Review and manage inquiries all from one place and spare your inbox.

Maintain a robust audit trail of every communication to keep your accounting teams happy.

Export all rep inquiries for further review, analysis, and safekeeping.

Centralize payout information and every inquiry in one place to close pay cycles with confidence.