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Why agility is the key to getting commissions right

Incentive compensation is one of the most powerful hidden forces that can impact your business’s trajectory. But effective commission plans are complex to manage, and far from one-size-fits-all.

The most effective commission plans are tailored to your organization, incorporating inputs from several data sources, and carefully designed to motivate strategic seller behaviors. Not only are they highly unique, they must evolve as quickly as your business does — adapting to changing environments, new business priorities, and stages of growth.

CaptivateIQ empowers organizations to build the right commission plans for fast-changing business goals. Balancing flexibility to support any plan component, with usability to own the system and adjust commission strategies over time.

Over 85% of sales managers say

they’d like to change their comp plans at minimum every quarter.

CaptivateIQ gives customers the system and insights to build and iterate compensation plans with confidence.

SmartGrid™calculation engine

CaptivateIQ's proprietary SmartGrid™ calculation engine enables ultimate flexibility in calculating commissions — pairing real-time modeling capabilities with the power to batch process large-scale data sets. In doing so, we enable enterprise-scale businesses to remain agile.

SmartGrid™ is powered by:

  • Calculation graph clustering to process millions of computations in seconds
  • Smart caching system that reduces calculation time and allows for immediate feedback to compensation model changes
  • Optimized data access patterns that accelerate performance
  • Powerful architecture on top of a familiar UI for ultimate performance and usability

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“I am a CaptivateIQ convert. If you are comfortable in spreadsheets and want an affordable total cost of ownership tool, CaptivateIQ is a no brainer.”

Michael D.
Director of Revenue Operations
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From Spreadsheets

Managing incentives in spreadsheets is an affordable approach to get commissions off the ground. But as organizations grow, this approach becomes error-prone, time consuming, and transparency-limiting – leaving your comp teams overburdened with tasks, and your sales reps unmotivated.

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From Legacy Solutions

Historically, leveraging one of the few legacy solutions was the only sensible route for managing enterprise commissions. But as many businesses find, these solutions are often incredibly rigid and expensive to maintain in today's dynamic business environment. With CaptivateIQ, you can easily set up any commission plan, and cut down on professional services engagements.

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From Starter Solutions

Managing commissions in a starter solution is a great way to automate basic commissions plans & payouts. But as your business grows, these solutions struggle with process and plan complexity, scale, and connectivity with other systems. Staying on an entry-level tool can create headaches and stagnant growth for your business.

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Companies that made the upgrade to CaptivateIQ

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Security and compliance is in our DNA

Protecting confidential compensation data is mission-critical to any business operation, which is why we’re dedicated to building a secure platform designed to keep your data safe.

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