Why CaptivateIQ?

The scale and power of technology with the ease and flexibility of a spreadsheet.

Why CaptivateIQ?

The scale and power of technology with the ease and flexibility of a spreadsheet.

Behind every successful business is a capable sales team. Companies spend a lot of resources including time, money, and people to figure out the best ways of rewarding them.

Yet 70% of businesses are using an error-prone and non-scalable solution to manage this: Spreadsheets.

It’s a painful experience for commission admins, leadership, and especially for sales reps.

Paying people should be a fun, delightful experience that captivates teams to do their best work

The best of two worlds, in a single platform:

We believe that technology should help automate and scale existing tasks without learning new software. That’s why we adopted the flexibility and usability of spreadsheets, combined with the power of technology to build a commissions platform that anybody can manage from day one.


A tabular user interface with no-coding requirements

See calculations happen in real-time

Overall flexibility and ease of use

Library of formulas with tooltips and guidance


Automation and connectivity to scale manual processes

Built for purpose (contract and inquiry management)

Rep statement and dashboard designer

Traceability to quickly run audits

We’re captivating
the market

“I am a CaptivateIQ convert. If you are comfortable in spreadsheets and want an affordable total cost of ownership tool, CaptivateIQ is a no brainer.”

Michael D.
Senior Manager of Revenue Operations

A true partnership from day 1

Our onboarding and customer success team all come with years of commissions and accounting experience so you'll be in good hands from day one. We coach you to be independent but we'll continue to be there when you need us.

Best Usability

Best Est. ROI

Easiest To Use

Easiest To Do Business With

Fastest Implementation

Zain M.
Sales Compensation

The support that we get from CaptivateIQ has been incredible and definitely a driver in our success in implementing a system.

A team of trusted advisors

The leadership and advisory team at CaptivateIQ stems from decades of running commissions, accounting, and finance in their previous roles.

95% CSAT

Rated by over 1,600 certified reviews from G2

3 months

ROI payback recognized after 90 days

4 weeks

The average amount of time saved annually

Security & compliance is in our DNA

Protecting sensitive compensation data is mission-critical to any business operation which is why we’ve gone above and beyond to building a secure platform to ensure that all of your data is safe.


Platform Security