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Based on 150 ratings submitted in the Sales Performance Management market as of September 2023.

Now that [our advisor team] understands the risk/reward balance in their plans, they’re more effective in incentivizing productivity.
Marcello H.
Head of Finance
This additional time frees up space for analysis… it means I can ensure that our commission plans are really designed to be aligned with our company goals.
Alex W.
Financial Analyst
CaptivateIQ has freed up my time... I’m now able to make more informed decisions around commission payouts & manage spend better.
Katerina G.
Head of Incentives and Controls
Automating our commissions process has not only saved us money, it also drastically reduces the amount of revenue loss due to errors.
Matthew G.
Senior Director of Finance
CaptivateIQ saves our Finance team tens of hours every quarter and provides our Sales reps with faster, more accurate commission payout statements.
Megan H.
Senior Sales Enablement Specialist
Finally, an easy tool that helps me understand my commission... [and] predict my salary and payout. There's no errors anymore or questions on what I'm owed.
Samantha L.
Commercial Account Executive

Make commissions 10x better with CaptivateIQ

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