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CaptivateIQ for Finance and Accounting
Minimize your compensation cost of sales

The cost of an incentive compensation program is felt in every organization’s bottom line. But when run efficiently and effectively with lower spend relative to revenue generated, your incentive program can help your business sustain financial health through any economic environment.

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Why CaptivateIQ for finance?

CaptivateIQ was built to ease the commissions burden and provide transparency to reps. Discover how you can manage and optimize incentives with the agile commissions solution.
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    Get crucial time back
    Sales compensation is just one piece of what finance has to manage. Automate the commissions process and give your team time back to focus on future proofing your business.
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    Build trust with sales
    Distrust is natural between sales and finance. With CaptivateIQ, you can provide reps with real-time transparency and build trust through consistently accurate and automated commissions.
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    Stay agile to manage scale
    Being able to change your compensation structure quickly can help you weather any environment. CaptivateIQ offers the flexibility of spreadsheets with the automation of software so you can be more cost-efficient.

Why leading finance professionals prefer CaptivateIQ

SmartGridTM Technology

Safeguard your comp program with controls and automation

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    Ensure data integrity and accurate payouts with in-platform transformations and 20 different integrations
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    Save time on manual tasks and reduce the risk of human error with automated workflows
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    Make changes at speed with our familiar, no-code interface.Stay compliant with robust workflow controls and traceable commissions reporting
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Payout Scenario and Plan Calculations tables
Assist: AI-Powered Intelligence

Future proof commissions management

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    Count on a commissions infrastructure that scales with and supports your business as it grows.
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    Process millions of computations in real-time with SmartGrid™ to ensure quick audit-ability, analysis, and transparency.
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    Lower Total Cost of Ownership for a healthier bottom line.
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Commission plan formula
Scalable and Robust Integrations

Maximize the ROI of your compensation program

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    See efficient returns on your compensation program for long-term success.
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    Build custom reports and dashboards to answer important questions about profitability.
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    Use data-driven insights to build the most efficient compensation program possible.
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Enterprise-grade Security and Compliance

Motivate your sales force to outperform

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    Provide the transparency reps need to thrive with custom dashboards, flexible statements, and more.
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    Inspire revenue results with a scenario-testing What If calculator and drive healthy competition with leaderboards.
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    Give managers real-time insights and analytics to identify areas for improvement and optimize team performance.
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Hear from customers modernizing their commissions program

Based on 150 ratings submitted in the Sales Performance Management market as of September 2023.

I’ve done commissions and finance my entire career, so I have enough experience to know what we need. When I saw CaptivateIQ during the demo, I thought ‘Yes! I always imagined there was a tool out there that could do that! It was everything I was looking for.
Brian D.
Senior Manager, Sales Finance
The additional time frees up space for analysis to see how our sales teams are being commissioned, to see if they are being commissioned the right way, bringing the right revenue.
Alex W.
Financial Analyst
CaptivateIQ helped us eliminate the 7-10 days process of calculating commissions and giving employees visibility. Calculations are now literally a click of a button and every employee can see a live status or past commissions.
Nader S.
Sr. Director of Finance
Commissions calculations now happen in seconds. We went from spending a few days calculating and sending statements to reps to spending just a few hours on this.
Jeff M.
Head of Strategic Finance
CaptivateIQ felt like a tool with a quick learning curve. I felt that once I understood it, I could independently maintain our instance without having to constantly require outside services.
Daniel K.
Director of Finance
... I am the only compensation analyst for almost 600 commissionable employees. The ability to have this system DEPENDABLY calculate commissions for so many when there is only one of me has freed up so much time to keep innovating our incentive design.
Jared D.
Compensation Analyst

Make commissions 10x better with CaptivateIQ

Talk to our in-house experts to learn how you can make commissions a strategic growth driver.

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