At CaptivateIQ, we’re on a mission to make ICM — and the lives of our customers — 10x better.

We’re thrilled to announce the next stop on our journey to 10x sales compensation management — and ultimately, revenue performance — with CaptivateIQ Assist. Leveraging the power of generative AI, Assist is our vision for a built-in AI solution that seamlessly integrates intelligence into existing commissions workflows. Assist will make managing commissions as simple as a conversation, giving your payees, administrators, and business the edge they need to 10x their collective performance.

Experience 10x returns with AI for commissions

Admin co‑pilot

10x admin efficiency by streamlining tedious tasks

Payee coach

10x sales motivation with personalized guidance for reps

Plan advisor

10x key insights to optimize your incentive program


Get the answers you need faster

Let CaptivateIQ Assist handle the data mining so you can get instant insights. Just ask simple questions and you’ll be able to analyze your commissions data to understand how your plans and reps are performing.

Inspire trust with AI-powered sales intelligence

Tailored coaching will allow your reps to better understand and forecast their pay so they’re even more motivated to exceed their targets. More deals, more revenue, more commissions — that’s a win for the whole business.

Experience hassle-free commission management

CaptivateIQ Assist can transform difficult tasks into simple conversations, helping admins avoid costly errors and enabling them to focus on more high-value strategic initiatives.


The Power of AI in Incentive Compensation Management

Hear from CaptivateIQ leadership on the future of ICM and the potential of Generative AI to 10x revenue performance.

Nahi Ojeil

VP of Engineering

Conway Teng


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Introducing CaptivateIQ Assist


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