Elevate Your Commission Forecasting With Workday Adaptive Planning & CaptivateIQ

December 16, 2020

See how CaptivateIQ and Workday Adaptive Planning can take your commissions management and forecasting to the next level.

What you'll learn:

  • Managing commissions in an incentive compensation management system to unlock key business insights and growth drivers
  • Best practices for forecasting commissions to avoid unwelcome cost overruns
  • Key questions to ask your data to dial in commission plan design for next year


Tim York
Tim York
Co-Founder, QBIX Analytics

Matt Haller
Matt Haller
Partnerships Manager, CaptivateIQ

Matt is the Partnerships Lead at CaptivateIQ. Prior to CaptivateIQ, he was a management consultant at Deloitte and the Alexander Group, where he designed over $6 Billion in incentive programs.

Ready to unlock performance with commissions transparency?

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