CaptivateIQ for Compensation Management Teams

Make compensation a strategic function

Managing commissions can be a thankless job, often only noticed when something goes wrong. Switch the narrative of the compensation function with a solution that empowers admins to strategically manage and adapt commissions.

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Why CaptivateIQ for Compensation Managers?

CaptivateIQ was built by comp admins, for comp admins. Discover how you can better manage incentives with the agile commissions solution.

Ease tedious commissions process

Cut through the chaos of day-to-day administration with streamlined workflows. Plus, you’ll get an extra boost of intelligence with your AI co-pilot, CaptivateIQ Assist.

Build trust with your reps

Give reps the visibility they demand throughout each pay period, to reduce confusion and backlash post-payout.

Manage constant change

The only thing that’s predictable in commissions is change. Easily make requested plan changes and common adjustments yourself with our no-code platform.

Why leading compensation managers prefer CaptivateIQ

Easy to Use Interface

An experience you know, with the functionality you need

Previously, comp managers were stuck choosing between overcomplicated and error-prone spreadsheets, or difficult to use legacy platforms to manage commissions. CaptivateIQ was founded with this in mind, building a familiar spreadsheet-like interface with the automation of software to allow admins to be productive from day one.

No-code platform

Familiar tabular interface

Ultimate Commissions Flexibility

Adapt & iterate on your incentives strategically

Compensation managers are constantly having to manage the ever-changing nature of compensation. With CaptivateIQ, admins are empowered to design, test and adapt any compensation plan, while easily supporting complexities like adjustments, clawbacks, splits etc with our no-code platform. Don’t let your compensation program be constrained to the limitations of a cookie cutter solution.

Unique plans supported
Gong calculates commissions 60x faster
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Yello saw 99% of errors eliminated
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Transparency that Motivates

Get peace of mind with automated, accurate and transparent commissions

Commission inaccuracy creates stress among comp managers and payees alike. With CaptivateIQ, you can automatically sync your data, integrate directly to your data sources, and transform data on the spot to save hours every month. Sleep easy knowing your reps are paid accurately and automatically.

Compensation Intelligence

Move from Manual
Administrator to Strategic Operator

Compensation managers drowning in manual work can hinder a business's ability to leverage the power of incentives. With CaptivateIQ, you can not only save time through automation, but also uncover insights to better deliver results through our robust reporting suite.

"Commissions calculations now happen in seconds. We went from spending a few days calculating and sending statements to reps to spending just a few hours on this."

Jeff M.
Head of Strategic Finance
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"... I am the only compensation analyst for almost 600 commissionable employees. The ability to have this system DEPENDABLY calculate commissions for so many when there is only one of me has freed up so much time to keep innovating our incentive design.”

Jared D.
Compensation Analyst
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Ready to make compensation a strategic business function?

Let CaptivateIQ transform your largest sales expense into a business driver.