CaptivateIQ is on a mission to expedite your Time-to-Payroll

In commissions, the work has often just begun once calculations are run. Revenue teams are often signing up for weeks of painstaking processes that span different teams and systems.

This is why CaptivateIQ is building Enterprise Workflow Automation, a suite that empowers customers to build intelligent and automated workflows fitting their unique needs.

Built to reflect our DNA of empowering users with an easy-to-use experience that doesn’t  sacrifice flexibility, our Enterprise Workflow Automation suite resets how the market today manages their commissions processes. All this promises to help customers reduce their Time-to-Payroll and make their teams more efficient.

We're building towards
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    All processes, your way
    Build and automate any commission workflows to ease manual triaging and orchestration.
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    Approvals & inquiries, wherever needed
    Raise inquiries and approvals anywhere in the platform, removing the communications sprawl.
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    Adjustments, made automatically
    Automate adjustments to upstream data, improving speed and accuracy.
Making commission processes more efficient
faster Time-to-Payroll after joining CIQ
for CIQ customers

Make your commission process a breeze with  Enterprise Workflow Automation

Custom Workflow Builder

Build unique workflows for your business

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    Your commission process is unique. Build workflow logic and routing that fits your needs, all with a native, no-code and flexible Workflow Builder.
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Dispute Resolution

Resolve disputes faster

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    Avoid painful back-and-forth and triaging with the ability to build intelligent routing logic for different inquiry types.
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    Maintain a centralized and robust audit trail of all changes.
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Reviews & Approvals

Get payouts approved and out on-time

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    Expedite your review cycle and ensure your reps are paid on time with multi-level reviews and approvals with automated routing and notifications.
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    Remove the manual orchestration with automated routing and notifications.
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Vitaliy Patsay
Senior Manager of FP&A, Pantheon
Quintin Smith
Quintin Smith
Product Marketing, CaptivateIQ

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