CaptivateIQ for Sales Leaders
Win more deals with incentive compensation

Continuously growing revenue goals puts strain on any sales leader and organization. Yet the strongest lever for motivation and performance often goes overlooked and underutilized. It’s time to take back control of your incentive compensation program and use it as your competitive advantage.

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Why CaptivateIQ for sales leaders?

CaptivateIQ was built to ease the commissions burden and provide transparency to reps. Discover how you can manage and optimize incentives with the agile commissions solution.
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    Align reps to goals
    Over 90% of sales reps and managers believe that clear visibility into compensation is key for motivation. Provide your reps with the transparency they desire to create alignment on goals.
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    Optimize team performance
    When it comes to your compensation program, there’s always room for improvement. With CaptivateIQ, you’ll get the tools to analyze your team’s performance and identify trends to build a best-in-class compensation program.
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    Stay agile to remain competitive
    A sales compensation program needs to be nimble to motivate reps and stay ahead of competitors. CaptivateIQ offers the agility of spreadsheets with the automation of software so you can unlock your program's fullest potential.
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Why leading sales professionals prefer CaptivateIQ

SmartGridTM Technology

Stay competitive with an agile compensation program

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    Adjust comp plans more frequently.
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    Break free from spreadsheets or services-heavy software that make it impossible for your admin to make needed changes.
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    Reclaim ownership over your compensation program with an agile commission solution.
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Assist: AI-Powered Intelligence

Build and optimize plans for peak performance

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    Lean into the unique and nuanced nature of commissions in every case.
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    Empower admins to design any comp plan. 
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    Enable scalability so you can hire, motivate, and retain the best reps.
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Scalable and Robust Integrations

Build and optimize plans for peak performance

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    Gain access to real-time reporting.
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    Build custom reports and dashboards to monitor sales performance. 
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    Drive results with personalized guidance for sellers.
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Enterprise-grade Security and Compliance

Hit your revenue targets with visibility-powered motivation

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    Make changes and execute your commission process faster with SmartGrid™.
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    Provide real-time visibility with CaptivateIQ Assist's AI-powered sales coach.
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    Create custom dashboards, what-if scenario planning, and more.
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Hear from customers modernizing their commissions program

Based on 150 ratings submitted in the Sales Performance Management market as of September 2023.

From the salesperson point of view, I love the transparency that CaptivateIQ provides. I can investigate my commissions effortlessly now. I can plan my finances when I know what commission I can
be expecting.
Rudy T.
SDR Manager
Easy to use and easy to implement. Reporting that is world-class and appreciated by sales managers and account executives. Can be tailored to your unique comp plan specifications.
Rob C.
I see CaptivateIQ scaling with our plans because the functionality within the system allows us to grow as the company grows. [CaptivateIQ] was much more flexible than any other commission system… we’ve put our full confidence behind CaptivateIQ.
Zain M.
Lead Sales Compensation System Administrator
I wanted a solution that could scale with our org. One that would allow us to make the changes without professional services. The solution also needs to be easy for end-users to leverage and see transparency in their commission calculations.
Michael D.
Director of Revenue Operations
CaptivateIQ has freed up my time… I’m now able to make more informed decisions around commission payouts and manage spend better.
Katerina G.
Head of Incentives and Controls
This additional time frees up space for analysis to see how our sales teams are being commissioned, if they’re being commissioned the right way, bringing the right revenue… I can ensure that our plans are really designed to be aligned with our company goals.
Alex W.
Financial Analyst

Make commissions 10x better with CaptivateIQ

Talk to our in-house experts to learn how you can make commissions a strategic growth driver.

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