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CaptivateIQ for Revenue and Sales Operations
Time to refocus on what matters

The scope of RevOps' responsibility has rapidly expanded into a monolith. It’s more crucial than ever to ease administrative burden to help your team focus on revenue-driving activities.

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Why CaptivateIQ for RevOps?

CaptivateIQ was built to ease the commission burden and provide transparency to reps. Discover how you can better manage incentives with the agile commission software.
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    Save hours each month
    Automate the entire commissions process and get valuable time back.
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    Keep your reps happy
    Provide sellers with the transparency and simplicity they desire on a single platform.
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    Stay ahead of the competition
    Get the flexibility of spreadsheets with the automation of software so you can adapt and refine your commission strategy.
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Why CaptivateIQ for RevOps?

SmartGridTM Technology

Refocus on what matters with an automated commission solution

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    Ensure data integrity and accurate payouts with in-platform transformations and 20 different integrations.
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    Save time on manual tasks and reduce the risk of human error with automated workflows.
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    Stay compliant with robust workflow controls and traceable commissions reporting.
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Assist: AI-Powered Intelligence

Adapt commission plans to stay competitive

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    Avoid getting boxed in with a rule-based, blackbox solution.
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    Bring in any data in any format, and shape it to your needs in real time.
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    Build any plan with our modeling-centric platform.
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Scalable and Robust Integrations

Drive performance with a transparent commission experience

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    Provide the transparency reps need to thrive with custom dashboards, flexible statements, and more.
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    Inspire revenue results with a scenario-testing What If calculator and drive healthy competition with leaderboards.
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    Give managers real-time insights and analytics to identify areas for improvement and optimize team performance.
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Enterprise-grade Security and Compliance

Design comp plans that deliver results

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    See efficient returns on your compensation program for long-term success.
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    Build custom reports and dashboards to answer important questions about profitability.
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    Use data-driven insights to build the most efficient compensation program possible.
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Hear from customers modernizing their commissions program

Based on 150 ratings submitted in the Sales Performance Management market as of September 2023.

CaptivateIQ has been life-changing. It has saved me a week of time every month, cleaned up my data, and been a huge win across the board. If you’re still using Excel, like I was, stop now. Fight for CaptivateIQ, fight for the budget, because the benefit for your company is huge.
Sarah D.
Sales Operations Manager
I wanted a solution that could scale with our organization. One that would allow us to make the changes on our own without leveraging professional services. The solution also needs to be easy for end-users to leverage and see transparency in their commission calculations.
Michael D.
Director of Revenue Operations
Since my company purchased CaptivateIQ, I have had more transparency on the money I have earned and the most impactful deals closed. This has been very motivating and allowed me to better focus on the most profitable opportunities.
Luke P.
Mid-Market Sales
We needed a solution that was agile, and could be owned by finance professionals that were very comfortable in spreadsheets. We’re a small but mighty team that manages comp for 200+ sellers.
Michael D.
Director of Revenue Operations
This additional time frees up space for analysis to see how our sales teams are being commissioned, if they’re being commissioned the right way, bringing the right revenue… I can ensure that our plans are really designed to be aligned with our company goals.
Alex W.
Financial Analyst
CaptivateIQ has freed up my time… I’m now able to make more informed decisions around commission payouts and manage spend better.
Katerina G.
Head of Incentives and Controls

Make commissions 10x better with CaptivateIQ

Talk to our in-house experts to learn how you can make commissions a strategic growth driver.

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