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CaptivateIQ for Compensation Management Teams

Make sales incentives a strategic function

Customize your commission plans to improve sales performance and drive growth. Automate how you plan, forecast, and report results all while giving your reps full transparency.

Trusted by industry leaders and innovators

How it works

to your data
Compensation Cost of Sales
Revenue Generation
Real-time, on-time calculations and payouts are
accurately processed in minutes, not hours.

SmartGrid™ calculation

CaptivateIQ's proprietary SmartGrid™ calculation engine enables ultimate flexibility in calculating commissions — pairing real-time modeling capabilities with the power to batch process large-scale data sets. In doing so, we enable enterprise-scale businesses to remain agile.

SmartGrid™ is powered by:

  • Calculation graph clustering to process millions of computations in seconds
  • Smart caching system that reduces calculation time and allows for immediate feedback to compensation model changes
  • Optimized data access patterns that accelerate performance
  • Powerful architecture on top of a familiar UI for ultimate performance and usability

Get sales incentives right for your bottom line

Incentive compensation is the single most impactful go-to-market investment your organization makes, influencing more revenue than any other business lever — if its managed effectively. CaptivateIQ gives you control over this strategic lever — enabling you to systematically design, deploy, and adapt compelling sales commissions.

92% CSAT

From nearly 2,200
reviews from G2

40-60 hr/mo

Time saved
on average

The agile commission solution

“Commissions calculations now happen in seconds. We went from spending a few days calculating and sending statements to reps to spending just a few hours on this.”

Jeff M., Head of Strategic Finance

“I am the only Compensation Analyst for almost 600 commissionable employees. The ability to have this system dependably calculate commissions for so many when there is only one of me has freed up so much time to keep innovating our incentive design.”

Jared D., Compensation Analyst