Escape the limitations of Xactly

We know that commission plans are unique to every business and forcing them into a rigid framework just won’t cut it in today’s world. That’s why we built the most flexible commission software on the market that can be self-managed. It’s time to turn your biggest sales expense into a business driver with CaptivateIQ.

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Why organizations are upgrading from Xactly to CaptivateIQ

Implement the best plan for your business

Build any plan, without all the workarounds. Xactly’s rigid structure can make it difficult for companies to implement their commission plans, causing some companies to develop workarounds or shell out for custom work. CaptivateIQ isn’t rule-based. Our flexible platform is built to handle complexity, so you can implement the right compensation model for your business – now, and in the future.

Take ownership with a platform that is easy to use

Quit relying on expensive consultants for plan updates. CaptivateIQ’s no-code software mirrors spreadsheets, so it's easy for anybody to pick up. We empower customers to manage, maintain, and adjust plans over time.

Connect to your data, maintain your language

Connect to all of your data, no matter where it resides. CaptivateIQ connects to your CRM, ERP, HRIS, data warehouses, and more with native and managed integrations. Unlike Xactly, we don’t force customers to use inflexible data fields. We want our system to work for you, not the other way around.

Product innovation that drives continuous improvement

Don’t settle for a legacy solution that was built for another business era. CaptivateIQ is the new standard in commission management. We are committed to steady innovation, and singularly-focused on ensuring our ICM tool delivers the most customer value.

The reviews are in — CaptivateIQ beats Xactly according to real users

Companies that made the upgrade to CaptivateIQ

Why our customers made the switch

“CaptivateIQ has been an absolute joy and has dramatically decreased the amount of time our organization spends administering compensation. Having implemented and used Oracle, Xactly, and Netsuite Incentive Module during the past 10 years, I can honestly say that this is the best tool I have seen.”

Matthew S.
Director of Business Operations
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“We needed a robust solution, and Xactly was not set up for that... I have done commissions and finance my entire career, so I have enough experience to know what we need. When I saw CaptivateIQ during the demo, I thought, ‘Yes! I always imagined there was a tool out there that could do that!’ It was everything I was looking for.”

headshot of Brian
Brian D.
Manager, Sales Finance and FP&A
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“I love how simple and easy it is to navigate the UI as you are looking to find answers about your payouts. I previously used Xactly at my former companies, and CaptivateIQ is WAY better. I was always suspicious about my payouts in the past, but since we have started using CaptivateIQ, I can clearly find what I am looking for and feel confident that my commission is correct.”

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Ben O.
Certified User
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Last updated on 9/21/22