Take back ownership of your incentive strategy

At CaptivateIQ, we know change is an inevitable part of the commission universe. Being reliant on support to make changes in a black box rule-based solution isn’t sustainable for fast-growing businesses. It’s time to take back ownership with the most agile solution on the market.

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The ease of spreadsheets, with the power of software

Learning an entirely new coding language with dozens of unique formulas can delay your commission software time-to-value. CaptivateIQ’s no-code software mirrors that of spreadsheets, so it’s easy for anyone to learn and adopt. We empower customers to manage, maintain, and adjust plans over time.

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Manage your growing complexity

Don’t get stuck shoehorning your unique compensation program with a cookie-cutter rule-based solution. At CaptivateIQ, we believe every commission structure is unique for a reason. Our agile commission software was built with this in mind, so that you can implement the right compensation model for your business — today and always.

With CaptivateIQ, we found that we didn’t have to change our plans simply to conform to the system. There was no boxing ourselves in, and there were no limitations.

Ashley N.

Adapt at the speed of business

For any growth-driven organization, change is inevitable. Yet Spiff’s black-box approach can force customers to rely on support to make changes. CaptivateIQ is built for you to take back ownership — by implementing and making changes when you need them.

Ease the commission back and forth

There’s a lot more to commissions than just designing plans and issuing payouts. The tedious back and forth for disputes, approvals, contracts, and more can be a major time burden for all involved. CaptivateIQ offers robust collaboration tools to streamline the end-to-end process, including document management, approvals, inquiry management, and more.

Rep visibility with more than flashy visuals

One of the greatest values a commission solution can provide is transparency. It builds trust and motivates sales reps. But we believe this is more than just a sleek look. Our platform gives admins powerful customizability over what and how to show data to their reps in real-time, so you can highlight what matters most. CaptivateIQ provides reps with ultimate transparency at their fingertips, whether via email, mobile web, or desktop.

Your commission partner for the long haul

At CaptivateIQ, we know choosing a technology vendor is a long-term partnership and investment. As one of the most well-funded players in the ICM space backed by leading investors like Sequoia, Accel, and Iconiq, CaptivateIQ is well-positioned to be a leader in the space for the foreseeable future. With heavy investments into our product roadmap now and over the years to come, CaptivateIQ is the most viable option in today’s market.

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We’re captivating the market

We’ve helped hundreds of finance and operations teams solve the pain of managing commissions and move their plans out of spreadsheets or outdated systems to achieve fast, accurate, and auditable commission calculations at scale. Our solution has empowered tens of thousands of reps with transparent, clear, and actionable data to help them reach their sales goals.

Don't just take it from us

Hear from our Customers
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“I wanted a solution that could scale with our organization. One that would allow us to make the changes without leveraging professional services.”

Michael D.
Senior Manager of Revenue Operations
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“When we looked at the other vendors, their products felt antiquated and CaptivateIQ stood out as the clear modern solution.”

Daniel K.
Finance Manager

“Not only does CaptivateIQ do Excel functionality very well, but it gives you the automation of a software tool plus integrations with a bunch of different systems. I feel it has really found the sweet spot between simplicity and functionality. ”

Sean E.
Sales Operations Analyst
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“I wanted to be more transparent with the sales team. We used to share statements quarterly, but with CaptivateIQ, we are able to share statements monthly before payouts go out. ”

Jeff M.
Head of Strategic Finance