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State of Sales Compensation

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One of the key pillars guiding sales compensation strategy is attracting, retaining, and motivating top performers. But leaders are now viewing their sales compensation programs through a different lens to find new efficiencies and safeguard the business against a volatile market. It is against that backdrop that CaptivateIQ conducted its first-annual survey on the state of sales compensation. 

We've surveyed hundreds of sales reps and managers, asking them about their pain points and how they approach compensation. Our findings reveal significant disconnects between what sales reps and managers want and need — and what their companies are currently providing.

You'll learn:

  • How businesses are navigating economic uncertainty and leaning on sales teams to maintain growth for profitability in the face of inflation
  • The seven great disconnects in sales organizations today and what leaders can do to stay closely aligned with the needs and wants of their sales staff
  • Actionable insights to improve processes and make your sales team more effective

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