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Recruitment Scam Notice

We are aware of active scams using the CaptivateIQ name and brand, in which individuals pose as our recruiters, post fake remote job openings, and make fake job offers on the Internet.

We are providing details here to help you spot and avoid these scams.

Important Note:

  • CaptivateIQ will ONLY send recruiting emails from
  • Besides LinkedIn, CaptivateIQ does NOT post jobs on Facebook or other social media platforms, nor does it correspond with candidates via messaging apps (e.g., WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.). Initial conversations may take place on LinkedIn, but any further written correspondence will be via email (with our emails coming from
  • CaptivateIQ is NOT currently recruiting for data entry positions.

Common warning signs

When corresponding with us, please ensure that you are receiving emails from an address ending in If you receive emails about CaptivateIQ roles from any other domains (even domains that sound similar, such as, please be aware that these are likely scams and are NOT legitimate.

You are likely the victim of a scam if the “recruiter” is:

  • Corresponding with you from an email address that ends in anything other than For example, emails regarding CaptivateIQ positions that come from any of the following domains are probably scams and should NOT be trusted: (i) (including; and (ii) free web-based account domains, such as an email address that ends in,,, etc.
  • Making a job offer without conducting multiple rounds of interviews face-to-face using secure video-conferencing technology.
  • Asking you to cash checks or provide funds to buy equipment on behalf of CaptivateIQ.
  • Asking you to make a payment in order to be considered for a position.
  • Asking you to make a payment for equipment or to purchase equipment directly from particular vendors.
  • Making early requests for personal information such as date of birth, passport details, credit card number, bank details and social security number, etc.

CaptivateIQ does NOT do any of the above in connection with recruiting or onboarding new employees. CaptivateIQ only asks for more sensitive personal information in connection with background checks (made via a reputable background check vendor) after an offer is made.

The following are some of the names used by the scammers that we are aware of:

  • Jackie Martinez
  • Melinda Dunaway
  • Deb Wilder
  • Semiu Muharh
  • Robert Major
  • Samantha Taylor
  • Diana Porter
  • Graham Callaway
  • Manuela Hidalgo
  • Christopher Wright

How to report fraud

CaptivateIQ is not responsible or liable for these fraudulent communications. If you feel you are a victim of such recruitment fraud, please contact your local law enforcement authorities as soon as possible.

If you are located in the United States, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at or the Federal Bureau of Investigation at

This is an issue we take very seriously, and we are working diligently to address it. We understand how frustrating this situation must be for those who are impacted. By providing the information above, we hope to prevent more individuals from falling victim to these scams.