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Why & How to Stop Using Spreadsheets for Sales Commissions

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Still using spreadsheets to manage commissions because it's easier and free?

Think again. Spreadsheet errors can cost money, waste time & bring legal trouble.

The days of using tedious Excel spreadsheets to manage and track sales commissions are long gone. Today’s highest-performing sales teams are transitioning to purpose-built commission management software.

Why? Whether you use spreadsheets to track commissions for 20 or 1,000 sales reps, spreadsheets (like Excel) lead to wasted time, costly errors, headaches, and frustrated sellers. In the worst-case scenario, you risk expensive class-action lawsuits and negative press for paying employees the wrong amount. 

In this eBook, we outline the most common pitfalls of continuing to manage sales commissions in spreadsheets, and explore alternative solutions that promise to save you time, increase transparency, and eliminate costly errors.

You'll learn:

  • The true cost and pitfalls of continuing to use spreadsheets to track commissions — including how Oracle & HP were sued for millions for preventable commission errors
  • 5 things to consider when shopping for the best spreadsheet replacement
  • Top benefits gained after upgrading to commission software solution shared by experienced commission admins

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