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Named a Strong Performer in “The Forrester Wave™: Sales Performance Management Platforms, Q1 2023”

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Streamline Sales Incentives With Our Compensation API

Table of Contents

We’re excited to announce the release of CaptivateIQ’s Open API. Customers can now extend the integration capabilities of their commissions infrastructure by leveraging custom integrations and automations to streamline the sales incentives process.


There’s a long list of tools that modern businesses use to scale and run their financial operations:

  • Customer Relationship Management (e.g. Salesforce)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (e.g. NetSuite, Oracle)
  • Human Capital Management (e.g. ADP) 
  • Spend / Expense Management (e.g. QuickBooks, SAP Concur)
  • Financial Management (e.g. FinancialForce, Zuora)
  • Payroll & Workforce Management (e.g. Sage Intact)
  • Reporting & Analytics (e.g. Snowflake, MySQL)

With such a broad array of solutions, having a sales compensation tool that fits into this financial ecosystem is critical. CaptivateIQ’s new Open API gives customers the customization and automation they need to streamline their commissions process.

Syncing Compensation Data

When it comes to data inputs, sources can be a long unruly mess. Not all solutions have available connectors and those that do don’t always make the data accessible. With the new data workbooks and worksheets endpoints, customers can build integrations to pull data from compatible sources and programmatically control sync frequencies. Commission admins ​​with access to such integrations can work with their developers to help them retrieve data from 3rd party sources. The Open API syncs data directly to the designated worksheet within the CaptivateIQ platform.

Open API data flow

HCM Automation

Accessing source data is only half the battle of incentive management. Over the course of a pay period, so many things can happen:

  • New team members join a sales team
  • Internal promotions or team changes
  • Changes to team hierarchy and management
  • Changes to sales compensation input variables

CaptivateIQ’s Open API gives customers programmatic access to app components that control these vital inputs by letting the upstream systems:

  • Control the creation of new employees or removal of old ones
  • Change who manages designated teams and team hierarchy
  • Change which managers have access to team performance
  • Change employee plan designation
  • Change variables used in plan calculations

The Open API gives customers greater control over automating changes to sales compensation and incentive management based on changes to source systems. Other benefits of the Open API include:

  1. Cloud-based, which makes it available anywhere with an internet connection
  2. Truly integrated workflows that can be set up through automations
  3. Increase Admin productivity and efficiency through workflow automations

Commissions Extraction

Commissions data and calculations can be critical sources of data. Not just for the purpose of payroll processing but also in the context of analytics and compliance. CaptivateIQ’s Open API gives customers access to processed commissions payouts as well as their corresponding adjustments and calculations from the CaptivateIQ platform. Customers can automate commissions payout extraction to payroll systems or programmatically extract and store commissions payouts and all the corresponding calculations to a data warehouse. 

CaptivateIQ’s Open API gives customers a new level of customization and automation to further streamline their commissions process. If your technical team is interested in learning more about our Open API, please have them review our developer docs.

Note: References herein to companies other than CaptivateIQ or to the products or services of such companies are for informational and illustrative purposes only and do not constitute or imply (i) any affiliation with CaptivateIQ, (ii) any endorsement of such companies, products, or services by CaptivateIQ, (iii) any endorsement of CaptivateIQ or its products or services by such companies, or (iv) any representation or warranty of any kind regarding the compatibility or functionality of the Open API with the products or services of such companies.

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