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For Business Operations Manager Albert Wong, Gong’s trajectory as one of the fastest-growing companies in high technology was both a blessing—and a strain. After taking responsibility for incentive programs at the fast growing company—which had raised more than $130m in capital—Albert had built out a fairly sophisticated model in Excel to deliver it. But there was a problem. Gong was about to triple the size of its sales organization, and Albert knew his current system just wasn’t scalable.

“Determining payouts involved a lot of manual data entry, and customizing reports for individual reps meant hard-pasting entire Excel pages into Google Sheets and then manually making adjustments, one sheet at a time,” said Albert. “The more we scaled, the more of a nightmare it was going to become to manage the process in such a complex way.”

Adding new users was another big drag on his time, again involving rebuilding individual Google Sheets one by one. All of this was eating up large chunks of expensive ops resource—and taking him away from a growing list of business-critical tasks.

There were other challenges, too. So much manual input left plans and payouts open to errors. This was a big worry for the team, as any compensation inaccuracies put Gong at risk of higher rep turnover. He was also concerned about a lack of transparency with the current system, which had the potential to affect the team’s morale and motivation.

As the business continued to scale, the burden on his time and resource was only going to grow. He was increasingly taking over plans for strategic reps and sales managers—and he urgently needed a robust and flexible solution that could also scale with ease.


After ruling out several commissions platforms because of their clunky interfaces and steep learning curves, Albert identified CaptivateIQ and signed up for a demo. He was so impressed with how intuitive and easy it was to pick up the system, he moved forward with buying the software.

The full onboarding process was just as straightforward. CaptivateIQ’s solutions team configured every one of Gong’s commission plans within the software. They even tested every calculation against Albert’s previous model to make sure he felt 100% confident about moving forward. CaptivateIQ’s extra-mile support was invaluable for Gong.

Since implementing CaptivateIQ’s sales commissions platform, the Gong team gets:

  • Seamless integration with Salesforce for real-time calculations
  • Flexibility to layer on different commission rules to ensure accurate payouts for everyone  
  • Ease to add new users through an intuitive interface to help scale the growing team
  • Automation to calculate and run monthly payments in minutes
  • Detailed statements providing transparent commission reports to every member of the sales team
“Because it’s designed in a similar style to the spreadsheets we’re all so familiar with, it was very clear to use,” said Albert. “Of all the tools I’ve ever used, it has one of the lowest learning curves I’ve encountered.”


The time savings from CaptivateIQ have been immediate. With the previous system, calculating and running monthly payouts for 100+ reps would have taken Albert five hours. But now it just takes five minutes.

CaptivateIQ’s seamless method for adding new team members and building new plans is saving Albert even more critical hours each month. For a rapidly scaling business like Gong, that’s valuable time that can be spent on other projects.

The end-to-end automation has virtually eliminated any errors that used to result from manually entering data and calculating commissions. Reps love not having to bug him about fixing their payments!

That's not the only thing the reps love. With just a few clicks, Albert can generate highly detailed statements for each rep, giving them more transparency than ever before to feel more motivated.

“Managing so many plans would have been an absolute nightmare with our previous model,” said Albert. “Back then, I was literally going through every person, one at a time. With CaptivateIQ, I can send every one of my comp plans out, all in one hit, and all in a matter of minutes.”



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