run intelligently

Set your business up for success with a robust reporting suite and controls that can help drive smarter decisions and ensure business continuity.

Data-driven culture

Improve sales team performance and retain top talent by providing them the visibility they need to succeed.

Sales team leaderboards

Elevate your sales team’s motivation and foster a culture of performance with team leaderboards.

Customizable statements

Give reps context to understand how and why they are getting paid with our customizable commission statements.

Collaborative dashboards for coaching

Give managers visibility into their reps’ key metrics to uncover areas of improvement and coach them to achieve better results with configurable dashboards.

Informed decision-making

Transform your sales compensation data into a competitive advantage with advanced, fully customizable reporting.

Out-of-the-box reporting

Easily report on your most important metrics like payouts, attainment, and cost of commissions in real-time with our Quick Reporting module.

Advanced reporting

Take advantage of our powerful and intuitive no-code calculation engine to do intensive financial modeling and derive robust, up-to-date insights with ease.

Custom dashboards

Create data visualizations across any part of your compensation data to identify trends across teams, regions, commission plans, and more.

Public dashboards

Dashboard sharing makes it effortless to distribute key insights and data outside of CaptivateIQ to ensure your leaders stay in the know.

Features & Functionality


Plan advisor (CaptivateIQ Assist)
Out-of-the-box dashboards
Custom dashboards
Advanced reporting
Financial modeling
Cost of sales
Leadership dashboards
Manager coaching views
External dashboard sharing
CSV export

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