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Content Roundup: From Tedious Spreadsheets to Automated Efficiency

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We’re taking an ICM adventure through time!

In 1979, VisiCalc was widely considered the most well known spreadsheet used to  build budgeting scenarios and modeling concepts like incentives. Fast forward to today, spreadsheets are still in use but have become outdated and clunky with modern solutions taking its place as the preferred choice to manage commissions.

Ready to make your grand escape from Excel hell? We’ve got you covered. We’ve bundled together a few resources to show you how to structure your commissions program outside of Excel:

Download to get the following assets:

  • Ebook: Why & How to Stop Using Spreadsheets for Sales Commissions
  • Guide: Life After Spreadsheets - 4 Steps to Successfully Scale Your Incentive Compensation Program
  • Guide: Sales Commission Structure: Best Practices, Benchmarks, and More

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