Send Payout Statements By Email

July 27, 2020

Email. Slack. Zoom. Messenger. These days, there are endless communication tools to stay connected with teammates, friends, and family.

Yet, managing communications within organizations can still be challenging, especially in the world of sales commissions. Traditionally, once the sales or business admin has spent days processing commissions in a slew of spreadsheets, they then need to copy and paste the payout data into an email to send out to each team member. One. At. A. Time. 

At CaptivateIQ, we believe that hard work should be rewarded and that there’s a smarter way to do that. Our sales commission software automates the entire process - from connecting critical sales data to building customized comp plans to notifying payees - all in a matter of minutes. 

How to Send Employee Statements in Just a Few Clicks

Our Email Statement feature simplifies the arduous task of sending individual emails to every person on your team with an easy push of a button.

screengrab showing email payout statements made from CaptivateIQ
Email payout statements directly from CaptivateIQ

Customers can select one of two types of trigger emails:

  1. Email Statement will email payees with a link to securely view their payout statement without needing to log into CaptivateIQ. 
  2. Notify will email payees to let them know that their payout statement is ready with a link to log in to CaptivateIQ.

sales rep email statement

Email Statements save admins countless hours distributing payouts each month and empower sales teams to have real-time visibility, leading to better communication across the entire team! If your commission process feels like a black box or is costing you hours every month, we’d love to help.


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