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Named a Strong Performer in “The Forrester Wave™: Sales Performance Management Platforms, Q1 2023”

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Get a sneak peek at our new ICM resource hub and subscribe for updates about the official launch.
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Integrate With Salesforce for Better Compensation Data

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Frontline workers including AEs, BDRs, and CSMs spend their day fighting for your company. AEs are trying to close more deals to grow your revenue. BDRs are cranking away to feed the pipeline so AEs don’t go hungry. CSMs are fostering relationships and making sure those customers you signed stay happy and effective on your platform.

Needless to say, these teams tend to be the lifeblood for most businesses regardless of industry, size, or geography. They have to bring their A-game to work every single day and how they choose to spend their time at work can make or break your business.

Whether your business relies on email, Zoom, and/or phone calls, all of that activity data lives in the CRM, and for most companies, that means Salesforce. Frontline teams live and breathe out of their CRM system to:

  • Log every activity and ensure there’s a history of engagement and followups (BDRs)
  • Create new opportunities to follow up on and close deals (AEs)
  • Keep track of the latest and greatest across all of their accounts (CSMs)

Simplify compensation. Accelerate your revenue.

There’s a ton of great data in CRMs, but what’s not included is how teams are compensated for their hard work. That critical commissions data usually lives in a spreadsheet somewhere that reps don’t have access to. 

Not having visibility into how you’re being compensated and how you’re performing can obviously cause anxiety for most of us. This is why so many reps resort to tracking their own commissions so they have something to reference and audit against their actual paycheck.

At CaptivateIQ, we believe that hard work should be rewarded and that there’s a smarter way to do that than on spreadsheets. Our platform provides teams with real-time dashboards and easy to understand pay statements so that everyone has full transparency. 

I love the detailed breakdown that CaptivateIQ gives a Sales Person, we are able to break down the revenue generated each month by each account. Every commission check allows me to see exactly what I'll be making in a detailed manner - best commission tool out there!  - Anna on G2

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made it even easier for frontline workers to see how they’re performing with our newest integration with Salesforce!

screencap of a logging into CaptivateIQ from SalesForce
Reps can view their commissions all in Salesforce

Reps can access the same CaptivateIQ experience without ever leaving Salesforce such as:

  • Checking their performance dashboard to see upcoming payouts 
  • Track and sign new plan agreements
  • Submit and respond to any pay inquiries directly with their admin

Our Salesforce Package will allow customers to set up CaptivateIQ’s web experience as its own tab in Salesforce. If you are on Salesforce Lightning, we can support that via a custom page as well. Frontline workers are the lifeblood for most businesses. Make sure to properly reward them for going to war every day by empowering them to focus on what matters - growing the business.

Make commissions 10x better with CaptivateIQ

Talk to our in-house experts to learn how you can make commissions a strategic growth driver.

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