G2’s #1 Compensation Software for 2020

September 23, 2020

G2, the popular software review site just released their Fall 2020 rankings and featured CaptivateIQ as the leader again in the Sales Compensation Software category! The rankings are determined by a list of factors including customer reviews, market presence, and company growth.

The Software Categories Where We Excel

We are honored to lead this competitive space and earn a top spot across every category including:

  • Best Usability 
  • Easiest to Use
  • Best Results
  • Best Support
  • Fastest Implementation
  • Easiest Setup 

The hundreds of amazing reviews that customers have left us is truly humbling and we would not be here without each of them so thank you to all of our customers.

Modernizing Compensation for Leaders in RevOps, Finance, and More

Our solution has modernized how rev ops and finance leaders design and calculate compensation plans to save them weeks each month. Paying people for their hard work is far too important to figure it out in big, complicated spreadsheets that often result in errors and offer little visibility for the reps or for leadership. We are proud to have the most powerful and flexible solution on the market to increase accuracy and visibility across the organization.

CaptivateIQ is hands down the easiest way to understand commissions and not spend time working in Excel, Google Sheets, or other tools like SAP that were difficult to use. It's simple, easy, and efficient. 

Teams who get paid through commissions such as sales and customer success reps love getting a clear breakdown of their commissions each pay period without swarming their accountant with questions. Reps shouldn't have to spend hours tracking their own commissions to understand how they're getting paid. They should be focused on serving your customers and growing your business.

Before using CaptivateIQ, I would constantly have to re-check my commission checks to ensure they were correct. With CaptivateIQ, there is no more guesswork and I can trust that my payout will be correct.

Last but not least, we want to especially thank everyone’s hard work on the team in helping us get to this point. We would not be here without each and everyone of you. You guys rock!

-Mark, Conway, Hubert


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