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Planning for 2024: The Shift to Continuous Revenue Optimization

December 5, 2023
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As we head into 2024, we’re seeing signs that there is something new on the GTM (Go-to-Market) horizon. Organizations are looking for ways to better align sales, marketing, and customer success, and level up their teams by cultivating a performance-based culture across functions. 

Join Bruce Jackson, VP Strategy Services at Blue Horizons Group, and Katie Foote, Chief Marketing Officer at CaptivateIQ, as they dive into the industry shift beyond sales towards continuous revenue optimization. They’ll share their top insights from 2023 and break down 3 trends that they expect to see emerge in 2024.

You’ll learn:

  • An integrated approach to revenue optimization from marketing through customer success
  • The importance of an integrated tech stack across marketing, sales, and customer success 
  • Actionable steps to take back to your organization as you plan your GTM strategies for 2024


CaptivateIQ elevates expert voices from within the company and invites top minds from the world of ICM and SPM to lend their outlook and perspectives.

Bruce Jackson
Bruce Jackson
VP Strategy Services, Blue Horizons Group
Katie Foote
Katie Foote
Chief Marketing Officer, CaptivateIQ

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