This webinar features a candid conversation about the dramatic shifts happening with commission management. Thought Leaders, Robert Blohm (Senior Partner at OpenSymmetry) and Trevor Childers (Head of Enterprise Sales at CaptivateIQ) talk openly about the current market and its complexities and run through some compelling insights driving employee behavior.

What you'll learn:

  • Sales Performance Management (SPM) program trends to highlight how organizations can proactively plan for resource gaps
  • Specific preparation tactics that will help organizations plan for the future
  • Tactics that most organizations can implement today


Trevor Jett
Trevor Jett
Head of Enterprise Sales, CaptivateIQ

Robert Blohm
Robert Blohm
Senior Partner at OpenSymmetry

Robert Blohm is a Senior Partner at OpenSymmetry. With 20 years of experience in sales effectiveness, performance management, and technology, he has managed consulting projects for SMBs to Fortune 100 companies. Robert is a recognized as a Thought Leader in Sales Performance Management (SPM) and has been a featured speaker or panelist on 200+ topics including SPM best practices, emerging trends, changes in the vendor landscape, and customer success stories. As a Senior Partner, his focus is to drive OpenSymmetry’s sales organization to reach aggressive growth goals through focused sales leadership, strategic partnerships with Gartner-recognized technology leaders, and a commitment to customer success.

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