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4 Steps to Successfully Scale Your Incentive Compensation Program

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As your GTM (Go-to-Market) team grows, discover how to deliver increased accuracy, transparency, and flexibility while shaving off hours of manual, tedious work.

As your organization grows, you may have discovered that incentive compensation management and spreadsheets don't scale efficiently together. What was once manageable is now taking all of your time, and potentially frustrating your commissionable teams. You want reps focused on revenue-generating activities, not on calculating or questioning payouts.

The fastest-growing companies are now shifting from Excel to purpose-built sales commission software to keep up. In this guide, we outline the steps an organization must take to scale a sales commission program successfully, and provide questions that will help your team accurately assess your current capabilities.

Learn how to:

  • Pre-built integrations and automation can replace time-consuming and error-prone data extraction & commission calculations
  • Keep your GTM teams motivated and focused on generating revenue by offering transparent dashboards & timely commission payouts
  • Improve your agility and flexibility to respond to business changes and implement complex commission structures easily

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