Whether using spreadsheets or an ICM (incentive compensation management) solution, every compensation admin has experienced the tedious pains that come with managing commissions. But with the rise of Generative AI, these manual processes can become a thing of the past.

Hear CaptivateIQ’s Co-Founder & Co-CEO Conway Teng and Vice President of Engineering Nahi Ojeil discuss the future of ICM and the potential of AI to 10x revenue performance.

Watch this informative session to learn more about the launch of CaptivateIQ Assist, and the impact of AI on ICM, including:

  • How comp admins can adjust plans, demystify complexities, and manage other manual tasks with a simple conversation
  • How leaders can break down complex commission data quickly with no need for a specialist
  • How sales reps can use AI to more easily understand commission payouts, delivering more transparency and trust


Conway Teng
Conway Teng

Conway leads product at CaptivateIQ. Previously, Conway held finance and GTM leadership experience at Gusto, OrderAhead (acquired by Square), and McKinsey. He is also the co-founder of Fivestars, a leading loyalty rewards company that’s raised over $100M. Conway graduated from UC Berkeley.

Nahi Ojeil
Nahi Ojeil
Senior Vice President of Engineering, Product, and Design

Nahi leads EPD at CaptivateIQ. Previously, he held engineering leadership positions at Dropbox and Commure.