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Named a Strong Performer in “The Forrester Wave™: Sales Performance Management Platforms, Q1 2023”

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Yello saves 40 hours a month on sales administration
Chicago, IL
Small Business (<300)
40 hours
Saved each month
Of errors eliminated

The platform gives job candidates a personalized experience and helps recruiters get high-quality hires and faster fills. It’s used in more than 70 countries and available in over 15 languages.


As Sales Operations Manager at Yello, Sarah Drugan is dedicated to reducing friction in the company’s sales process. But her focus and time were being constantly interrupted by the complex and frustrating job of managing the commissions process. Using traditional, unsophisticated spreadsheets, she had 12 different plans to calculate every month, each with several nuances. Statements then had to be created for 60 individual colleagues. More than 60 hours of her valuable time, every month, were being sucked up. With so much of the work done manually, errors inevitably crept in.

Sarah felt an urgency to streamline the process. She needed a solution that would make it simpler and faster to process commissions.

I was calculating commissions out of Excel completely, which was such a time suck and almost like a full-time job. It was near impossible to maintain—and things just had to change.


After a thorough vetting process, Yello chose to implement CaptivateIQ. It automates Sarah’s commission process down to a few clicks. CaptivateIQ supported Sarah from the get-go with comprehensive training and a helping hand to fully customize and set up all of her plans. With a familiar design to spreadsheets, it spoke to her in a language she was already comfortable with. Running commissions each month is now as simple as clicking a button. Data flows automatically from Yello’s Salesforce system, which eliminates the errors that used to come with manual entry. Sarah can easily generate customized statements for her reps in seconds. They give a clear picture of how every person has performed and how their commission was calculated—which keeps the team informed and motivated.

I’ve worked with a lot of software tools in my career, but I’ve never seen the level of support I get from CaptivateIQ. These guys are instantly there for me—I could not rave more about them. They’re just there to help me be successful.


From day one, CaptivateIQ has been a lifesaver for Sarah. Time spent managing commissions each month has been slashed to a fraction of the time—and it keeps on shrinking as Sarah settles further into the product. With the simplicity of the new platform, she’ll also save time building next year’s plans. What took 60 hours last year, will take just five this year. And that is a true game-changer. Automation of data entry means errors have been virtually eliminated. Greater accuracy means the data can be leveraged more confidently and effectively.Her team is also loving the new solution. With accurate data about their performance and commission right there at their fingertips, there are fewer pay disputes over back and forth emails, which frees up more of her time. Above all, a mountain of stress has been lifted. Sarah used to joke that no one could talk to her for a week when it was commissions time. Thanks to the dramatic changes she's experienced from CaptivateIQ, she’s more focused and happy throughout her day.

CaptivateIQ has been life-changing. It has saved me a week of time every month, cleaned up my data and been a huge win across the board. If you’re still using Excel, like I was, stop now. Fight for CaptivateIQ, fight for the budget, because the benefit for your company is huge.

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