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Sustaining a High-Performance Sales Culture

November 9, 2023
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In uncertain times, driving the right sales behaviors and outcomes is crucial for business success. But sustaining a high-performing culture that consistently delivers results, no matter the macroeconomic environment, is easier said than done.

Watch this webinar to hear tried-and-true strategies for how to keep reps energized and motivated by cultivating a  sales culture that’s set up to thrive in any circumstance.


  • The secrets behind building — and maintaining — an A+ sales team
  • Actionable steps for how to evaluate performance and identify areas of improvement
  • How the right incentive compensation strategy can help sustainably motivate reps and drive reliable revenue results


  • Reward High Performance: Prioritize the best lead to your best reps to continue motivation!
  • Establish a mentorship program for high-performance reps to train new Reps to help develop leadership skills.
  • Celebrate High Performers beyond compensation but allow them to be invested and involved by inviting them to executive-level conversations.


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Michael Iannuzzi
Michael Iannuzzi
Senior Director of Biz Dev, CaptivateIQ
Johnathan Warren
Johnathan Warren
Director of RevOps, CaptivateIQ
Russell Zack
Russell Zack
Head of Revenue, Second Nature
Matt Millen
Matt Millen
Co-Founder & President, Regie.ai

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