Secrets of Hassle-free Commission Plans That Drive Growth

April 27, 2022
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Sales leaders are under constant pressure to hit bigger numbers. This YoY growth requires that they attract, retain, and motivate their best reps. Compensation is listed as the top reason reps change jobs making it an important lever to improve seller performance and retention. Yet sales commission is increasingly hard to update and manage as the team grows. Doing this manually leads to costly errors and wasted time, frustrating everyone – from sales reps, ops, finance, and executive leadership! Join sales, ops & finance leaders from Gong, Drift & CaptivateIQ as we discuss how to overcome these challenges.

What you'll learn:

  • How to attract, retain & motivate top sales talent
  • The challenges that surfaced as the team grew & how they solved them
  • How they adapted their processes and tools to improve efficiency & agility


CaptivateIQ elevates expert voices from within the company and invites top minds from the world of ICM and SPM to lend their outlook and perspectives.

Emily Standish
Emily Standish
Financial Analyst at Drift
Michael Duncan
Michael Duncan
Director of Revenue Operations, Gong
Sam Arnold
Sam Arnold
Strategic Account Executive

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