Compensation plans exist to help your business reach its goals. With all the changes happening in today’s economic climate, it's hard to make sure your plans stay on track. 

So, where do you begin?

We’ve called in the experts— Rosalyn Santa Elena (Founder and CRO at the RevOps Collective) and Arni Khanna (Director of Solution Engineering at CaptivateIQ) to openly discuss the key ingredients to creating a sales compensation plan that drives the right behaviors and compelling outcomes.

You’ll learn:

  • Elements of a strong sales comp plan
  • The importance of aligning incentives with business goals — and how to measure against them
  • How to manage change within the market and organization – and making sure your sales comp plan reflects those changes 
  • How to know when your sales comp plan isn't working


Rosalyn Santa Elena
Rosalyn Santa Elena
VP of Global Revenue Operations at Neo4j

With 20+ years of experience leading GTM and Revenue Operations at both enterprise companies and at high growth start-ups, Rosalyn Santa Elena has a passion for building and optimizing teams, processes, and systems across revenue teams. Sales compensation is where she started her Operations career and therefore, it holds a special place in her heart! She is currently the VP of Global Revenue Operations at Neo4j and Host of The Revenue Engine Podcast and serves as an Advisor at several high growth companies. Rosalyn is also an active leader in multiple organizations where she is a champion of all things Operations.

Arni Khanna
Arni Khanna
Head of Solutions Engineering, CaptivateIQ