Trends, Strategies, & Comp, Oh My!: The State of Sales Compensation in 2022

With the uncertainty of today's economy, how does your org provide the resources and structure that your sales teams need to succeed? How do you balance it against controlling costs and keeping the business healthy? The results are in. CaptivateIQ’s State of Sales Compensation 2022 report found that a majority of sales managers (60%) have made adjustments to their plans in recent months, and nearly all (95%) want the ability to keep adjusting in the face of uncertain times. But if you want your sales team to succeed, it's not enough just to make plan adjustments. Watch CaptivateIQ’s Co-CEO & Co-founder, Arc Technologies' CRO, and Dooly's VP of Revenue to get a comprehensive view of the trends, strategies, and market dynamics affecting sales compensation today.


Conway Teng
Co-CEO & Co-Founder, CaptivateIQ

Michelle Pietsch
Vice President of Revenue, DOOLY

Basile Senesi