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Named a Strong Performer in “The Forrester Wave™: Sales Performance Management Platforms, Q1 2023”

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Introducing CaptivateIQ Assist: The Built-In AI Solution to 10x Revenue Performance

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There’s nothing like experiencing the pain of a problem firsthand to push towards finding a better solution. As finance analysts, Conway and I were drowning in spreadsheets and legacy software, attempting to defy the odds of “80% of sales commissions calculations have errors.” This led to a literal “a ha” moment — we looked at one another and determined there had to be a better way to manage the most costly — and impactful — sales expense for businesses. 

That’s exactly why we founded CaptivateIQ in 2017. We were relentless in our quest to build an ICM (Incentive Compensation Management) solution unlike any other, setting the bar for a standard of excellence where anything we built had to make administrators’ lives 10x easier by taking the pain we felt out of the equation. 

We’ve carried this passion for making incentive compensation management 10x better into everything we’ve built, most recently focusing on how to take the incredible opportunity presented by Generative AI and innovate on our existing CaptivateIQ capabilities. 

We’re thrilled to announce CaptivateIQ Assist, the built-in commissions AI solution that sprinkles moments of delight and intelligence into your existing commissions workflow, giving administrators, payees, and businesses a 10x performance boost without needing to lift an additional finger. 

Why CaptivateIQ is uniquely positioned to reshape ICM with AI

Innovation is core to who we are here at CaptivateIQ. It’s personal for us — having lived that pain first hand — and we won’t stop until we’ve solved every ICM challenge our customers come up against. Forrester’s recent report, “The Forrester Wave™: Sales Performance Management Platforms, Q1 2023”, recognized us as a strong performer, which we feel echoes this passion, and we’re proud to have received the highest possible scores in eight criteria including data management, calculation processing, and product vision. Our unique product capabilities including best-in-class integrations, simple no-code extract, transform, and load (ETL) layer, payee lifecycle management, and compensation-specific functionality make CaptivateIQ the single source of truth for our customers’ compensation data. 

What is already the most innovative ICM solution on the market becomes that much more effective with AI capabilities built directly into our product.

What does this additional AI innovation mean for you and your business? Here’s how compensation admins, sales reps, and leaders alike will experience the 10x return in their own day-to-day:

10x the efficiency of comp administrators

Whether they use a spreadsheet or an incentive compensation management solution, all admins know the tedious pains that can come with managing commissions. With CaptivateIQ Assist, these painstaking tasks — such as adjusting plans, understanding complex calculations, and debugging formulas — become as simple as a conversation.

With CaptivateIQ Assist serving as an indispensable admin co-pilot, administrators can focus on high-value strategic initiatives, driving growth, and enhancing overall efficiency.

10x key insights to drive revenue performance 

With traditional methods, gathering and analyzing commission data can be arduous and time-consuming. But with the power of AI, breaking down complex commission data becomes a simple task, eliminating the need for a data scientist. Leaders can now effortlessly measure performance indicators, identify top performers, and assess progress toward revenue goals.

CaptivateIQ Assist can help leaders optimize commission structures, predict outcomes, and identify potential areas of improvement. 

10x sales motivation

It’s no secret that sales representatives often struggle to understand their commission payouts, leading to confusion, distrust, and disputes. With CaptivateIQ Assist, sales reps can get the personalized guidance they need to understand their commissions, derive insights, and take action, eliminating ambiguity and reducing inquiries. It also can help them understand the quantifiable difference between so-so attainment versus over-attainment, shining a light on what just one or two more deals closed could mean in terms of money in their pockets. 

This extra level of motivation powered by CaptivateIQ Assist delivers the opportunity to 10x their own performance and improve a company’s bottom line — a win/win for all. 

Our commitment to our customers

With innovation comes responsibility, and the power of CaptivateIQ Assist won’t come at the expense of our customers’ data privacy and security. Security and privacy will always remain our top priority, and as such, we’re vocal in our commitment to the following:  

  • Promise of choice. It will be our customers’ choice to use — or not use — the AI capabilities we develop.
  • Promise of data control. Our customers will have control over whether their data can be used to improve AI models we build or use in our product.
  • Promise of data privacy and security. We’re dedicated to data privacy and committed to securing our customers’ data with industry best practice security and compliance controls, including in the context of our AI product.
  • Promise of Enterprise-ready AI models. Our AI products will leverage high quality AI models and tools by trusted Enterprise-grade vendors.

Ready to 10x your business? 

True to our innovative DNA, CaptivateIQ Assist raises the bar on what an ICM solution can do for a business’ revenue performance — to the tune of 10x. And because it’s being built directly into our solution, users won’t need data scientists or deep admin expertise to take full advantage of the 10x boost it provides. CaptivateIQ Assist will serve as a trusted admin co-pilot, a valuable coach to payees, and a plan advisor to leaders, enabling businesses to put the right incentives in place to drive the successful outcomes they need. 

Learn how we can help you 10x your own revenue performance today.

— Mark Schopmeyer, Co-Founder / Co-CEO, CaptivateIQ

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