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Named a Strong Performer in “The Forrester Wave™: Sales Performance Management Platforms, Q1 2023”

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Get a sneak peek at our new ICM resource hub and subscribe for updates about the official launch.
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CaptivateIQ Supercharges Sales Engagement and Motivation with Rep Experience Redesign and What-if Earnings Calculator

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Amidst economic uncertainty, sales productivity is even more critical for all organizations. Keeping reps motivated is top of mind for leadership: our State of Sales Compensation 2022 survey found that 60% of sales managers have adjusted their compensation plans to reflect the economic environment. However, incentive compensation plans are only as effective in motivating reps to achieve revenue targets as the level of understanding and engagement reps have with their compensation.

“There are three key challenges that limit the motivational power that compensation plans can have on reps: lack of understanding of their compensation plans, an inability to forecast future earnings, and a lack of insight on their performance over time and relative to others. It is with this in mind that CaptivateIQ reimagined our rep experience to deliver on the unique needs and expectations of salespeople," said Naveed Makhani, Vice President of Product at CaptivateIQ.

Today we’re announcing a redesign of our Rep Experience and highly-anticipated What-if Earnings Calculator. Together, these capabilities will provide reps with enhanced visibility into past, present, and future earnings while empowering them to self-motivate and stay focused on performing at their very best.

Redesigned Rep Experience 

To give reps and their managers better visibility into commissions and overall team performance, CaptivateIQ redesigned its entire Rep Experience to ensure reps and managers can access the information they need, when they need it — all in a modern and engaging experience. This includes a new CaptivateIQ homepage that provides reps with a cockpit view, surfacing the commissions insights they care about most. With visibility into their current and most recently completed payouts, trends over time, and outstanding tasks (reviews and inquiries), reps can get what they need quickly and get back to what matters most … selling. 

“CaptivateIQ's redesigned Rep Experience streamlines the way our team consumes their commissions. It’s easy-to-use, and the clear and concise homepage eliminates commissions confusion and helps build trust across our team." 

Sarah D., Senior Manager, Business Operations, Yello

What-if Earnings Calculator

The majority of sales reps believe that visibility into potential earnings significantly increases motivation, yet fewer than 30% of companies offer this functionality today. 

Our new What-if Earnings Calculator (in beta) provides reps with an interactive way to test different scenarios and gain visibility into future earnings. With this tool, reps can input the parameters important to their commission payout (deal amount, terms, etc.) and get visibility into what they could earn and how different levers impact their commissions. This helps reps financially plan, self-motivate, and prioritize the right activities, helping supercharge their productivity. 

We’re also proud to share that our What-if Earnings Calculator is uniquely built to produce estimates based on the same commission logic used in production calculations. This helps ensure that these rep-facing estimates are always in line with the latest and greatest plan configuration — and gives finance teams and commission administrators peace of mind!

“Providing transparency and flexibility to our sales team is important for successful incentive management. The CaptivateIQ What-if Earnings Calculator enables sales teams to get clear visibility into their incentives, in ways they've never had before.”

Jake F., Finance Manager, Abnormal Security

Prior Rep Experience enhancements in 2022

CaptivateIQ is committed to creating a delightful Rep Experience throughout 2022, delivering multiple enhancements and capabilities to date:

Statements Refresh: A complete redesign of the visual layout and navigability of CaptivateIQ's payout statements to give reps a more transparent and engaging experience.

Mobile Responsiveness: This gives mobile-oriented reps access to their commissions where they need it. Reps get access to CaptivateIQ via a mobile-optimized web experience or Salesforce’s mobile app. 

Preview Statements Smart Options: This allows admins to guide reps to the most relevant payout dates while enabling admins to disable previews for active plans still being built out. 

Inquiries on Preview Statements: This enables reps to easily submit inquiries while previewing active statements, allowing them to proactively identify and resolve issues and get paid accurately and on time.

Custom Dashboards: This empowers admins to share performance insights with reps via custom dashboards that can be shared directly with reps and managers.

Your reps’ one-stop-shop for everything commissions

Sales motivation and productivity are imperative. With CaptivateIQ’s re-imagination of the Rep Experience, you’ll be able to empower your reps to stay motivated and more productive, helping your organization perform and remain competitive amidst an uncertain economic environment. 

For existing customers, visit our Knowledge Center or talk to your account rep to learn more about new and upcoming features. 

If you’re not yet a customer, request a demo to learn more. 

Sign up for our upcoming webinar to learn about these tools and more! 

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