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Modernizing Your Incentive Program

May 22, 2024
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Not all commissions solutions are created equal. Many legacy solutions were built off of long-established brands and a heavy mix of capabilities. However, for decades they've left much to be desired when it comes to flexibility and upkeep, while carrying a steep price tag.

Join us as we go back in time to the early days of incentive compensation management (ICM) to explore its evolution over the years. We’ll delve into the pros and cons of some of the most popular solutions and highlight actionable ways to simplify commission administration, increase seller performance, and unlock compensation insights – all in the spirit of lowering your total cost of ownership and driving long-term growth for your business.


CaptivateIQ elevates expert voices from within the company and invites top minds from the world of ICM and SPM to lend their outlook and perspectives.

Quintin Smith
Quintin Smith
Senior Product Marketing Manager, CaptivateIQ
Brian Ramaeker
Brian Ramaeker
Senior Manager, Partners & Enablement, CaptivateIQ
Talat Ozturk
Talat Ozturk
Manager, Professional Services, CaptivateIQ

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