We hosted an AMA (ask me anything) with sales compensation leader, Rachel Parrinello from the Alexander Group, and Matt Haller of CaptivateIQ, as they discuss the state of sales comp, and answer some of the audience's toughest comp planning questions.

What you'll learn:

  • Best practices for designing a comp plan & incentives, and how this has shifted since COVID.
  • Factors and approaches to consider when designing quotas and comp plans.
  • How to leverage incentives when multiple teams are involved in closing a deal.


Rachel Parrinello
Rachel Parrinello
Principal - Sales Compensation Practice, The Alexander Group

Rachel is a sales compensation practice leader with 20+ years of experience delivering sales job, sales compensation program, and quota expertise. She is a frequent speaker and author on sales compensation topics.

Matt Haller
Matt Haller
Partnerships Manager, CaptivateIQ

Matt is the Partnerships Lead at CaptivateIQ. Prior to CaptivateIQ, he was a management consultant at Deloitte and the Alexander Group, where he designed over $6 Billion in incentive programs.