Most B2B companies devote the single largest portion of their go-to-market (GTM) investment to sales compensation. But the nature of sales compensation is always evolving in response to changing market conditions, and these transformations demand a strategic approach. Companies are undergoing a fundamental shift in selling motions and rules of engagement that fit into strategy and shape how they design compensation structures. Join us for a fireside chat with finance and operations leaders as we explore sales compensation as a strategic lever, recap the state of sales compensation, and make bold predictions for 2022.

What you'll learn:

  • How revenue experts are thinking about sales compensation strategies that support both growth and profitability
  • Best practices for keeping unit economics under control amid rising sales compensation costs
  • Predictions around the impact of stagnant markets on compensation — and how leaders can keep company culture intact


Rosalyn Santa Elena
Rosalyn Santa Elena
VP of Global Revenue Operations at Neo4j

With 20+ years of experience leading GTM and Revenue Operations at both enterprise companies and at high growth start-ups, Rosalyn Santa Elena has a passion for building and optimizing teams, processes, and systems across revenue teams. Sales compensation is where she started her Operations career and therefore, it holds a special place in her heart! She is currently the VP of Global Revenue Operations at Neo4j and Host of The Revenue Engine Podcast and serves as an Advisor at several high growth companies. Rosalyn is also an active leader in multiple organizations where she is a champion of all things Operations.

Mark Schopmeyer
Mark Schopmeyer

Marks is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO at CaptivateIQ. Previously, Mark was an investment professional for a growth equity firm and held finance leadership positions at BrightRoll (acquired by Yahoo!). Mark graduated from UC Berkeley.

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