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The Secret Sauce to Building a High Performing Sales Team

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We know that good coaching, flexibility, transparency, and training are the base ingredients for a successful sales stew. But what is the secret ingredient that will motivate and retain your sales team to drive your recipe and revenue to the next level? A rockin' sales culture! An organization's sales culture is important whether things are up or down. Instilling a sense of ownership, responsibility, and pride in each member of your team will do more than drive your revenue — it will create a winning sales culture that attracts top talent. Watch for a discussion on specific strategies for improving communication and collaboration, what technology to use to reduce barriers to productivity, and how to shape a high-performing sales culture outside of monetary compensation.

What you'll learn:

  • The role of technology in performance tracking and goal setting
  • The importance of an organization's philosophy towards sales compensation
  • Setting goals for how to motivate both the over and under performing rep


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Christian Borrelli
Christian Borrelli
Vice President of Sales
Bill Parry
Bill Parry
Director of Sales Enablement, Privitar

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