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The Art and Science of High ROI Comp Plans

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Sales compensation plans exist to help your business reach its goals. With all the changes happening in the current economic climate, it's hard to keep up and make sure your plans stay on track. But it's essential to do so: a high ROI compensation plan is a foolproof way to form a foundation for growth and expansion. Sales organizations can’t weather unexpected market shifts by laying off workers en masse or cutting out R&D. Your plans must carefully consider the goals of your business and then align sales compensation with those goals. What steps can you take to make your plans stronger? How can companies recession-proof sales compensation?

What you'll learn:

  • The importance of aligning incentives with business goals — and how to measure against them.
  • How to know when your sales comp plan isn't working.
  • Sales metrics businesses should track but often don’t.


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Anil Couchan
Anil Couchan
Manager, Product Solution, CaptivateIQ
Mark Kemp
Mark Kemp
Vice President Of Customer Experience

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