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3 Ways to Transform Your Incentive Compensation Program From Tactical to Strategic

February 22, 2024
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Transforming an incentive compensation program from an administrative burden to a strategic lever is a massive opportunity for revenue growth. But it is often hindered by manual processes and a lack of visibility for comp professionals and sales reps alike.

Learn how Tatiana Silverman, Director of Compensation and HRIS at Nolan Transportation Group, faced and conquered these common challenges to run an efficient and agile commissions process that helps drive business results.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Boost efficiency by streamlining manual processes so you can focus on more strategic efforts
  • Increase rep motivation with better pay transparency, robust reporting, and insights
  • Take control of your comp plans with full autonomy and the ability to make real-time changes


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Tatiana Silverman
Tatiana Silverman
Director of Compensation and HRIS, Nolan Transportation Group
Sheila Ludard
Sheila Ludard
Principal Customer Success Manager, CaptivateIQ

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